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30 weeks pregnant, pretty evening dress needed

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SpecialStains Tue 31-May-16 21:37:25

I need a pretty dress for a summer ball relating to DHs work in a few weeks. I've had a bit of a miserable pregnancy with lots of vomiting, and only just starting to feel human again, and I am ridiculously excited at the opportunity to dress up!

I'm 5ft 4inches, a size 8 and mid 20s. I don't like cap sleeves and prefer above the knee or maxi, but not midi. I don't want anything in black/navy or dull colours and I do like sparkles. Budget approx £50 (as I'm unlikely to get much wear from it), but can be egged on to spend more if very pretty. I've had a look on a few sites, and sort of like this dress though I'd normally go for something more fitted.

It's actually quite sad how much I am looking forward to a fancy night out!
Thanks. :-)

Swebby Wed 01-Jun-16 14:50:22

Before I opened your link I was going to recommend asos! You might think about looking for something non maternity in an empire line or floaty fabric - that way you could still get some use out of it afterwards perhaps? Sorry not to be more helpful...

SpecialStains Wed 01-Jun-16 20:49:53

Thanks for the reply, swebby. I was thinking about something non-maternity, as other than my two pairs of mat jeans (the worlds most comfortable clothing), I've not needed to wear any maternity clothes. Will have a further hunt at empire line dresses. :-)

Also, is the above dress suitable for something billed as a 'Summer Ball'?

LadyAntonella Wed 01-Jun-16 20:57:45

Just wondering, why wouldn't you get much wear out of it if you aren't buying a maternity dress OP? Just because of the occasion?

(I'm looking for an excuse for you to look at more expensive things wink).

If you do want something maternity I found Asos hit and miss but loved Seraphine (think that's what it's called).

Swebby Wed 01-Jun-16 20:59:18

I'd say yes - from my experience maybe about 3/4 of the women will wear long dresses but there are always a sizeable group of people in short dresses. Metallic sandals (with a decent heel) and clutch will make sure it looks as dressy as possible, maybe some killer chandelier earrings too...

LadyAntonella Wed 01-Jun-16 20:59:46

Oh sorry you asked about that white dress! Hmmmm tbh I don't think that dress you posted a link to would be my cup of tea for a ball. I would probably go with a maxi or something a bit more tailored maybe?

SpecialStains Wed 01-Jun-16 21:23:13

What about this one

SpecialStains Wed 01-Jun-16 21:27:53

Bahhh, have now ended up looking at dresses on frock and frill that really won't fit me at the moment!

SpecialStains Wed 01-Jun-16 21:36:20

I know I said no navy, but I really like this

CarrotVan Wed 01-Jun-16 21:50:15

That last one is stunning. I don't think the one with the floral bodice is dressy enough for a ball

jimmybim Wed 01-Jun-16 22:03:28


LadyAntonella Wed 01-Jun-16 22:41:36

Some lovely options above. The green one is really nice but would maybe would swamp you a bit if you're a size 8 though? The blue one and the floral one are lovely too, though I agree the blue one is more dressy.

SpecialStains Tue 07-Jun-16 21:04:23

LadyAntonella you were right about the green one swamping me. I ordered both to try on. Can I get a verdict on the blue one? There's still time to send it back.

LadyAntonella Tue 07-Jun-16 21:20:04

Gorgeous! What a lovely bump too! I'd keep that one. smile

SpecialStains Tue 07-Jun-16 22:04:35

Thank you! It's weird having a bump (and for the first time in my life boobs)! Silver or black shoes and bag/clutch?

LadyAntonella Tue 07-Jun-16 22:11:40

Silver would go nicely I think. Mahbe silver shoes and a red clutch?

LadyAntonella Wed 08-Jun-16 09:22:47

Last suggestion I swear smile; maybe a pink clutch.

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