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Need help with a dress for this weekend please!

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HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Tue 31-May-16 21:09:36

I have just been offered a ticket to a ball on Saturday night and need a dress but can't find anything I like. I am in the recovery phase of finding two outfits for large events recently and just can't cope with more trawling so I am on my knees begging for your help!

I am short and very round and would quite like something black as have been wearing a lot of colour recently. V necked, low round neck or sweetheart neckline would be preferable being large of norkage and midi length makes me feel taller (no logic, I know!).

Any ideas of where to look?

MrsLettuce Tue 31-May-16 22:19:19

What size are we after? What sort of budget?

HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Tue 31-May-16 23:10:13

20 and as little as possible (£100-150 mark).

Pantsalive Tue 31-May-16 23:26:59

Rather under budget but nice style:

Pantsalive Tue 31-May-16 23:35:34


HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Tue 31-May-16 23:44:14

Thanks Pants! I actually already had the ASOS one open in another window - I was just a little worried about the fabric looking too nasty, but love the shape of the dress.

I'm not so sure about the lace one. I had place dress for a university ball about 100 years ago and it gives me flashbacks a little...

HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Tue 31-May-16 23:45:02

Hmm, A lace dress rather than place dress. Think I need to go to bed now!

Pantsalive Tue 31-May-16 23:49:48

I know what you mean about the first one. That was my worry too.

Not sure if this one would be too short.

member Tue 31-May-16 23:57:23

chi chi curve ?

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 09:53:36

http://uk.monsoon.co.uk/view/product/ukcatalog/mon1,mon_1.2/9524440112 ?

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 09:59:53


HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Wed 01-Jun-16 14:42:41

Thank you for all the suggestions. I do like some of the tunic shaped ones in Monsoon. Just being really indecisive, which means nothing has really grabbed me yet sad.

Never heard of ChiChi Curve, so thanks for the recommendation.

Any ideas for dark red????

Pantsalive Wed 01-Jun-16 15:52:37

Red seems to be hard to find.
Again, not at all sure about the fabric and probably too short:

Looks more pink than red (despite being called purple!):
(had no idea how expensive Marina Rinaldi is.)

Pantsalive Wed 01-Jun-16 16:01:28

Raspberry and maybe not eveningy enough?

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 16:18:14

But of bling!

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 16:18:47

Bit !! Not but

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 16:22:49

Bon Marche of all places

justaweeone Wed 01-Jun-16 16:24:28


Millipedewithherfeetup Wed 01-Jun-16 16:42:40


50,s style, nice price too !

HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Wed 01-Jun-16 22:13:33

You lot are amazing! Will have a look at them all now.

HarryDresdensLeatherDuster Thu 02-Jun-16 17:11:30

Thank you!! I have ordered the chiffon tiered one. Just hope that it looks ok as have made several bad decisions about clothes recently!

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