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interview dress advice

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creampie Tue 31-May-16 15:55:49

I'm going to a very smart job interview in July. Don't want to wear a jacket as I'll be a sweaty mess! I want a dress with at least elbow length sleeves (to cover tattoos!), must have a waist, and be a line or flared in the skirt as my bottom half is bigger than my top half. I'm a size 10-12. I was thinking something like the jigsaw sleeved Paris dress but it's slightly low cut and is £150 which is a lot for something I'll only wear for interviews and funerals. Any ideas?

creampie Tue 31-May-16 15:56:45

Sorry link didn't work

creampie Tue 31-May-16 15:57:09


MrsRonBurgundy Tue 31-May-16 16:03:20

That doesn't look too low cut to me. I interview people frequently and would think that was a perfect interview dress. It is a lot of money for what it is though!

murphyslaws Tue 31-May-16 16:08:43

Very smart, especially if you have a nice jacket and shoes.

blueskyinmarch Tue 31-May-16 16:43:03

My DD bought this dress for a job interview last summer and got the job! She now wears it all the time for meetings when she has to be smart. She loves it and it doesn’t crush which is a bonus.

nannyplumislostinspace Tue 31-May-16 18:06:04

I have this dress and it is really smart and comfortable. It's not low cut on me and I'm a 32gg.

nannyplumislostinspace Tue 31-May-16 18:06:44

Sorry. Meant to say it's the jigsaw dress that I have!

JigokuShojou Tue 31-May-16 19:49:09

I've attended interviews where candidates rocked up in ripped tights, casual wear, rucksacks, trainers, jeans etc. Be conservative but comfy.

creampie Wed 01-Jun-16 14:36:14

Thanks everyone, that dress is nice.

I tried the jigsaw one on in John Lewis and just thought it seemed a bit low cut on me, it's definitely my back up but was hoping for something either cheaper or more wearable

LadyintheRadiator Wed 01-Jun-16 20:23:41

How's this from Boden for an alternative? Here I have the navy and think it's quite smart. With heels and jewellery and a smart bag.

tethersend Wed 01-Jun-16 23:28:11

I can no longer CnP links on my iPad sad

The jaeger outlet site has a Crepe cowl neck dress which might fit the bill. £49.

tethersend Wed 01-Jun-16 23:34:01

Ah, working now

jimmybim Thu 02-Jun-16 00:24:49


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