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What jeans do those of you flat of arse wear?

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StephenKatz Mon 30-May-16 17:32:37

I've just had another incredibly frustrating jeans shopping trip. Every pair I try on look awful on the bum. The pockets just look really far apart and my arse just looks flat and wide (which it is in all fairness) None of the other women in the shops looked like that (yes, I looked blush ) So it's obviously my body shape - thin legs, no bum whatsoever and wide hips. Where can I go??

frogsandco Tue 31-May-16 18:49:57

I feel your pain, I too have arse issues. I've just bought a pair of wonderfit jeans from Asda for £20 which are very fitted and give the illusion of shape. They also feel blissfully comfortable and don't bag around the knees.
I find that jeans with lower set butt pockets look better as there's nowt like a pocket stopping halfway down my bum to make me look like a bag of shite.

Fpmd1710 Tue 31-May-16 18:59:20

I just buy padded bum knickers and they honestly make such a difference, I wear them with leggings and fitted skirts also. It's only like when wearing a padded/boost bra

Rattitude Tue 31-May-16 19:12:13

Like Frogs, I have also bought some jeans from Asda, which I have been happy with. Mine were only £12. They were the straight leg ones: these, I think.

I got them in 10R and they fit perfectly. My arse is wide and flat but they improve it, probably because they are slightly higher waisted than most jeans.

I have also bought some Sculpt and Lift black ones from M&S a couple of years ago, which were really good.

I think low-waisted jeans do nothing for flat arses.

StephenKatz Tue 31-May-16 21:00:47

Thank you! Those padded pants look tempting but I'm not sure I'm ready for them! I looked at the Asda ones but they NEVER have my size in my local store, plus they don't have them in stock online! How frustrating because they look spot on!

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