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nursing friendly dresses

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Tumtitum Mon 30-May-16 11:29:11

I'm going to a graduation in Sweden in June, so it will be warm (hopefully 25 Celsius or above). I am breastfeeding so need a nursing friendly dress but don't want to spend the earth! Also don't want one which is also maternity and end up with a sag around the tummy!! Any tips on where to shop?! DD is 4 months old so don't fancy the idea of dragging her around loads of shops...

RideTheLightning Mon 30-May-16 12:29:22

I'm breastfeeding and have some lovely budget friendly dresses from TKMaxx. Gorgeous long dresses, nice waistline to cover the tummy and easy boob access.

Tumtitum Mon 30-May-16 12:59:35

Are they actual nursing ones or ones that just happen to be easy access?

waterjungle Mon 30-May-16 13:07:18
Not expensive and specifically designed for nursing!

RideTheLightning Mon 30-May-16 13:17:06

Mine are normal dresses - scooped and crossover neckline - stretchy enough to allow me to pull down to feed.

FruitBadger Mon 30-May-16 16:28:46

There's a great Facebook group called "Can I Breastfeed In It" that might have some good suggestions.

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