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Is StatisticallyChallenged or any other bra gurus around please?

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nickdrakeslovechild Sun 29-May-16 20:53:29

Was on another thread and StatisticallyChallenged suggested I try a 32C or 32D, I did and got a 32c non wired & not padded bra from asda which fitted ok, or so I thought. Went into John lewis yesterday and got measured officially and was a 32DD. Got a a set of bras and I can see that the C or D cup didn't fit all my boob in where as the DD's do.

But I now have horrendous back and underarm fat where as I never did before, I have just lost weight so now is size 8 tops but cant wear any of them as it looks so bad. It was lovely here yesterday so put on a lovely new vest top and had to take it off straight away. So I went to bravissimo today and the fitter agreed that I was a 32DD. (didn't do a proper fitting as they were too busy) The fitter in John lewis said that most women have the back/underarm fat and it's just part of life.

Please say this is not true? Have I just spent a fortune on 4 bras that fit but look awful?

Often back and underarm fat is a sign the cup isn't big enough or is the wrong shape. Are you scooping your breasts in to the cup?

Basically, put bra on, then stand side on to a mirror. Lean forward, put your right hand inside your left cup, reach round as far as you can and pull/scoop/yank all the flesh/soft tissue that is bumping under or over the back, around the straps or the armpit and haul its ass in to the cup. Repeat at other side. You might need to do it a couple of times (as doing one side knocks the other out slightly)

nickdrakeslovechild Mon 30-May-16 08:05:30

Thank you so much, will give that a go.

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