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Purse recommendations

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Trickymoments Sun 29-May-16 19:37:44

I have some money & vouchers for my birthday and would like to buy a nice leather purse. I love the Ted Baker one with the bobbled clasp but I can't find a colour I'm happy with. I know it's trivial but if I'm going to spend £70 on a purse it's got to be perfect!

Any recommendations gratefully received please. My voucher is for House of Fraser upto about £70.

MrsLettuce Sun 29-May-16 21:48:12

That one is just perfect in the matte black, I'd say. Gets a bit princess dress-up in some of the colours and certainly with the crystal bobbles and patent.
like this but not the branding, a lot of people love that though so here anyway

what's on your list of requirements?

Trickymoments Sun 29-May-16 22:05:10

Thank you MrsLettuce I was thinking the same thing about the patent & crystal bobbles, very pretty but if I'm honest not really me.
The black one on the otherhand might be ok as it is basically just a black purse but the clasp makes
it a little bit different. I love the inside of the purse and it feels very well made.
I was trying to for a colour so as not to be boring with black but I don't think I'm bold enough to carry off the shiny bright ones & I'm not really a pastel girl.

Requirements are, popper fastening as don't like the ones that zip all way round. Card holders on the side, not the type where the cards are more inside the purse as I find these tricky to get in & out due to weak painful fingers. Soft leather. Photo window so I can display medication alert card.

Not asking for much am I?! Think I will revisit the black Ted Baker one and remain boring!!

MrsLettuce Sun 29-May-16 22:19:42

It's not boring though. Not at all. The proportions are lovely , the branding isn't OTT, and bobble fastening and the lining really give it a lift.

MrsLettuce Sun 29-May-16 22:36:20

Oh, I'd not noticed that it still had the crystal in the bobbles though. They'd hopefully just feel cheerful rther than OTT.

this popper but zip round for coins. I think it fits the list. Also in beige
on brief but I'm not keen on the branding
this is ever so cheerful no photo window. also in plain black.
actually boring but probably lovely to use. The pink is nice, if you like pink. good shade. Also a dark beige

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