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what dress style for the summer for my body shape?

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peaz1 Sun 29-May-16 16:06:04

I'm looking for a couple of summer dresses, suitable for casual evenings/work. Maybe a maxi? But I have no idea what style suits me best.

I am 5ft 8, nearly 12 stone but hoping to lose a couple of stone. My shape is basically- broadish, big boobed, big wobbly tummy, sort of a waist but massive hips, long legs, but not confident enough to go higher than mid-thigh. I would say I am a 12-14. 14 trousers are too big, 12 are tight but will do up. I am definitely more of a 14 on top.

So I can't wear close fitting clothes, but I do want something that gives me a shape. No tent-like desings. Straps- not brave enough for strapless!

If you want to suggest particular dresses then feel free, but its a small budget. What I am after is the style of dress that I need.

Thank you!

peaz1 Sun 29-May-16 20:28:10


NatalieRushman Mon 30-May-16 12:55:05

I'd say a-line dresses would probably work for you. Go for something with a nipped in waist that gives you an hourglass shape. The larger your hips, the smaller your waist looks, so use that. You get lots of lovely knee length cotton dresses with defined, sometimes ribbon tied waists which look lovely over large hips and smaller waists. Look for ones where the skirts don't hang straight down, to balance your top half.

On top, consider round necklines or narrow v necks which both suit broader shaped and large boobs. Avoid square necklines, and you're being very sensible to not like strapless necklines.

Also, if you have nice legs, don't be scared to show them! I'd kill to have lovely long legs.

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