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Bra intervention

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mckiwi07 Sat 28-May-16 20:35:02

I'm looking for some help about what sizes of bras to start trying as I'm desperately in need of some new ones. I'm currently wearing 38F but have just lost 2 stone. Current measurements are 35 under breasts and 47 when I lean forward and measure round breasts. Any ideas of where to start? Tia

bojorojo Sat 28-May-16 20:47:03

Get measured! I really do not see how anyone can really advise without seeing you and having several bras for you to try on. I like Freya and Fantasie but I have no idea what size to recommend and what suits me may not suit you. When you find a make and type of bra that suits you, just get several the same. Often there are similar ones that work too. My DD was measured recently at Selfridges after she lost weight and they were helpful. I have been to Rigby and Peller. I think M and S may offer this service too. At least you will know where to start!

bluebiro Sat 28-May-16 21:10:05

Bra measuring guide is here:

Your measurements suggest a 34HH or J (or possibly a 36 GG or H). If you can, I would order a load of different styles around those sizes from Bravissimo and see what works. Do not forget to "scoop" as that makes all the difference!

Do not get measured at M&S whatever you do!

bluebiro Sat 28-May-16 21:12:32

Sorry, that should have said 34HH or J (or 36H or HH)

Start with a 34HH/J or a 36H/HH

Do not touch M&S with a 10 foot barge pole, their service is awful as they use an outdated method where they add inches.

bojorojo why are you popping up on all the bra intervention threads saying the same thing even though the difficulties women have in getting a proper fitting have been explained to you? Bra interventions are a recognised 'thing' on MN - the fact that this poster has put up her measurements having measured a specific way and asked for a bra intervention suggests she knows this. Most places don't have a Rigby and Peller, or Selfridges, and most towns don't have a Bravissimo either. There are few shops who fit properly and that list categorically does not include Marks and Spencer. I'm a 30HH/J - they try to put me in a 36F.

Bra intervention is about giving you a starting point and the blog (which I'm guessing OP has seen) has tonnes of advice about how to work from that start point to recognise and find a bra which fits well. Trusting the person in the shop is often a very bad idea especially if you have large heavy breasts as adding inches to the band size can result in serious neck and back issues.

mckiwi07 Sat 28-May-16 21:47:42

Thanks for all your replies. 34HH/J <faints> !!
The Bravissimo website has very few bras in those sized from what I can see. I suppose going into the shop will be my best

Bravissimo should have a pretty good selection - 60 34HHs for example and if you have one locally it's definitely worth going in as they have a good range and their fitters know what they are talking about!

tabpepsi Sat 28-May-16 21:50:29

can i check my measurements - 34 under and 36 when 90 degrees. thanks

tabpepsi Sat 28-May-16 21:50:58

also are you supposed to be breathing in or out when doing the underbust

I don't consciously breathe in or out when I'm doing it tbh!

Is the bending your overbust when bending or underbust when bending?

MeadowHay Sat 28-May-16 21:57:41

I just wanted to say I have personal experience of fittings at Debenhams, John Lewis, and Boux Avenue and all have been excellent, would recommend them.

FreeButtonBee Sat 28-May-16 22:04:01

I have spent serum ions cash in bras in the past and have 2 beautiful bras from R&P but actually I needed a few bras to keep me going in a end-of-breastfeeding phase of boobs and Debenhams bras were very good. I'd not bother getting them to measure you but take in a shot load of bras yourself. They do have Freya bras too which are a bit dearer but their own brand 2 pack bras are pretty excellent. And not fucking enormous - I may have a decent sized rack but I don't need 2 inch wide steps thank you very much

tabpepsi Sat 28-May-16 22:16:52

36 is when measure around breasts at the largest measurement. i think 34 b perhaps? i wear a size12

bojorojo Sat 28-May-16 22:21:57

So sorry to have "popped up" and posted for a second time! How rude to say I should not.

However OP, having previously been 34 H and more recently 34 E I would never, ever, get anyone from MN to suggest a bra to me or my Dd who is 30 FF. So, I have relevant experience of finding good bras that fit and not getting MN gurus to do the guessing for me. I can guess on my own. I did, without success. Having help and someone to bring the bras to you in a shop is a good service. You will know which ones fit. Put a t shirt over the top and check your shape.

By all means try out sizes at home, but can you not get to a city department store that stocks, for example, Fantasie?. Millions of people do have access to Selfridges in London or Birmingham so I don't think it is that wild an idea.

Having been warned off in true MN unfriendly style I will now crawl back under my stone and let the bra gurus take over.

Yes, start with a 34B and work from there.

Unfortunately, lots of women struggle to work out their own sizes simply because they've been told for years/decades that they are a size which is miles away from that so they have no idea what a good bra should look or feel like. If you've gone for an M&S fitting every couple of years since you were a teenager and always been told you're a 36B then even if your bra feels a bit uncomfortable you're maybe going to try a 38A/B or maybe a 36C - when really what you probably need is, say, a 32FF! If you're a 34H try it yourself, go in to M&S and play dumb, pretend you don't know anything about bra fitting and see what they fit you in. They're utterly clueless. Lots of us tested different shops across the country a couple of years ago - all women who know what a good bra looks like and who get fitted at places like Bravissimo. They were wildly wrong in every instance - I think the best was a 30GG in a 38D.

Bra intervention has helped thousands of women (not exaggerating) get themselves in to comfortable well fitting bras over the last few years. So I'll carry on "guessing" for and advising women - and if suggesting that it's not all that nice to pop up on specific bra intervention threads advising people to basically ignore us is rude then <shrug> I guess I'm rude.

SorrelForbes Sat 28-May-16 22:48:09

This! star for Stats!

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