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Packing for two climate holiday

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habibihabibi Sat 28-May-16 18:09:13

As the worlds most excessive packer I have been trawling the internet for ideas on how to manage packing a multiple stop trip this summer. Drawing blanks as everything is aimed at backpackers
I'm travelling Dubai, Asia , Australia and NZ . Temp range is sub 0 - nearly 50 c.
I have 40 kg allowance ( x3 as taking 2 children ) but always take so much and regret it .
Top tips appreciated .

Toffeelatteplease Sat 28-May-16 18:48:49

Work on similar principles to the backpackers:

8-10 short sleeve tops that go with every bottom half
3 jeans or equivalent
3-4 summer bottoms (or summer dresses) (one-pairs of shorts, one lightweight maxi, one shorts)
Two to three mid to lightweight cardigans or jumpers
Warm but light fleece gilet (like tog 24)
One to two heavyweight hoodies or fleece jumper. (I would make one of these a warm but incredibly thin performance fleece like the tog 24 300 fleeces)
One decent pac a mac (I like the Peter storm pack a parka)
One down packable gilet or coat (like the uniqlo ultralight down or the tog 24 down)
One roomy winter weight coat. (Personally I would pick a waterproof insulated coat with a hood depends how cold you get)
One smart blazer or jacket
3 sets of thermal vests and leggings.
1 decent wool scarf
Hat and gloves
2 pairs of pj
Normal socks
Thermal socks
One pair of flip flops or crocs.
One pair of warm boots (like karrimor walking boots. If Dr Martins put in warmer socks
One pair of walking sandles (I find non croc crocs comfortable to also be walking sandles)
One pair of posh sandles or shoes
One smartish pair of shoes you can walk in

The idea is in the heat your in just the lightweight layers as it gets colder you wear more layers (eg thermals, t shirt lightweight jumper, fleece, down gilet, coat, or mid range weather tshirt lightweight cardigan either fleece smart blazer). Works for kids and adults. My whole wardrobe works this way now.

You can also vary the bottoms so denim skirts work really well becauseyou can wear without anything (hot) or with opaques (mid heat) or thermal lined leggings (cold)

A multi usb charger like this (you can swap the power cable for one with the appropriate plug for each of your destinations) or this where you compromise on number of usb charging points but better if you want to take a travel kettle

habibihabibi Sun 29-May-16 18:05:20

Thank you for such a comprehensive list . I'm missing quite a lot of the warmer items ( live in the Middle East) . I'm hoping the Aus/NZ stretch isn't too chilly and if it is , can borrow off my sister .

specialsubject Sun 29-May-16 18:39:39

Not jeans,useless in all the climates. Long shorts , zip off trousers, whatever you wear at home instead.
unless you have porters, lose the down jacket and the winter coat- just layer up. Do you need smart gear?

habibihabibi Sun 29-May-16 19:36:00

I don't really think I'll need that many of the smarter clothes that are currently in my wardrobe. Also unlikely to do super hiker outdoorsy things with a 4yr old and a 6 yr old in the cold leg of the trip as they aren't very hardy ( last xmas they lasted 3 minutes at a snow dome in the UK )
I do have micro down uniqlo that folds up in a minisculebag and a smart lightweigh mac which I could double up if it was baltic .
I know central heating isn't a given in Aus/NZ .

Toffeelatteplease Sun 29-May-16 22:15:17

grin at the kids being hardy. However It's some pretty special experiences your giving them

My wardrobe tends towards the smart end of things so I'm slightly biased in that direction. 10° or less or heavy rain I'd be way more comfortable in the winter coat 10-15° the lightweight smart jacket with or without the down or fleece. I must admit i wouldn't voluntarily wear the admittedly very nice pac a mac blush although having it is incredibly useful. So that's somewhere I would probably double pack unnecessarily and definitely cut down able if you don't share my aversion to pac a macs. Especially as I found New Zealand more wet and windy than cold (I wore one daily there).

I'd also consider skipping the fleece gilet especially if you don't already have it. It's a duplication of the down gilet and the fleece. However I like it for layering without feeling like Michelin man especially under the blazer.

Special - I think the down youre thinking of is very different from what I'm thinking of. I wouldn't take my proper down coat either. Thinking more of this ( which I think is what the OP has) or I prefer the tog 24 version because it folds into its own pocket and has no stupid pouch to lose use. Ends up about the size of a pac a mac. I stash them in the car and they get pulled out any when from an unexpected cold snap in summer to an extra layer in winter. Can imagine it being incredibly useful if you are anywhere that does have central heating (my aunts didn't. It was cold in the evening and at night)

See I think the zip off trousers are an interesting debate. I can see how incredibly useful they are but I couldn't ever imagine me wearing them. The above should totally be adapted to what you wear at home, It should still feel like you when you wear it. If you'd wear zip off trousers and have them at home I'd totally run with it. But for me they wouldnt be one of the key bits I'd consider buying if I didn't have. For me (with limited funds) my investment is in anything that does a proper job of keeping you warm (down, fleece, scarf) or keeping you dry ( pac a mac) or looking after your feet (although I find if you are functionally minded this bit doesn't need to be too expensive either). If I didn't have Thermal underwear I would be tempted to get only if I found i needed them.

Jeans are another interesting debate and when you look at a few packing light you tubers seem to be like marmite. I still find them the most versatile thing in my wardrobe and would use them successfully between -10°C (thermals underneath) and 17°c ish. They go with all of my tops and I don't tend to have any trouble drying them when they get wet which is the usual complaint (especially working on the wear one dry one spare one principle). If I'm just going cold, I tend towards the denim skirt/primark thermal velvet lined leggings instead. But I would still pack them for variable temperatures

Toffeelatteplease Mon 30-May-16 14:55:32

I've changed my mind. I think you'd freeze without a decent warm coat. Coincidently on a short break atm and used the pac a mac/fleece/down gilet/light cardi combo (travelling light) at temperatures hovering around 12°. I was cold.

That said DD had abandoned her down gilet and was so-so whether she wanted her hoody. Just looking at her made me feel cold. confused so you might get away with it

habibihabibi Mon 30-May-16 15:56:55

Unlikely Toffee , I wear that down uniqlo jacket when it dips below 15c here !
Today it got ro 47.5c .

Toffeelatteplease Mon 30-May-16 16:37:38

See I wondered whether the uniqlo stuff is significantly better quality. Didn't feel it when I was deciding between the two but I do wonder. Although I know I feel the cold atm (dieting)

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