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Help, PLEASE - I'm fat and frumpy

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ilove Fri 27-May-16 22:12:16

I look dreadful most days. I'm big - hourglass but very large boobs (40JJ) and a size 22/24 with a big tummy

I'm living in leggings and tops usually, I leave for work at 0630 and finish around 1930 unless I'm babysitting in which case it can be midnight then up again early.

I suit strong colours - red/green/teal. Multicoloured hair and bright blue eyes.

I'm a nanny so stuff needs to be easy to wash and dry and throw on again. I love the dresses from Yours, they really suit me but I need something over my arms/bat wings.

Budget isn't huge as I am headed for Bariatric surgery so really needs to get me through this summer.

I'm sick of catching sight of myself in the windows at school and realising I look like waynetta slob only worse.

Face wise, I wear urban decay bright colours on my eyes and number 7 foundation stuff when I manage to put anything on, I really should try and make that effort daily as I look so much better - need to put some in the car so I can do it when I'm parked up.

Ugh. Please, help me.

WindPowerRanger Sat 28-May-16 00:49:22

I looked at your photos-you've got a sweet face and your skin looks lovely. You don't need a full face of make-up every day. A shimmery Benefit powder, mascara and lipstick is really quick, and makes you look glow-y and cool.

I'm an 18 at the moment. My current hunting grounds are Uniqlo, Cos (sale), M&S and funnily enough, BHS, since reading on here their linen stuff was good.

I got nice cropped cotton trousers with a side zip there for £16. They are navy, and both smarter and more comfortable than leggings. That plus a white shirt (ironed the night before) and e.g. espadrilles would look really smart. my Zara white linen shirts are going strong, years after I bought them.

They also have some nice linen stuff-dress and sleeveless tops (again, try a white or pale blue shirt over) in zingy orange or tangerine at a very good price. A linen shift dress with cropped linen trousers underneath could work.

I bought a pink trench there as well, which has got a lot of compliments.

Breton style long sleeve tops in blue or red stripes are great. Uniqlo do good ones (and dresses) but their size range is limited.

it's hard as i don't know your taste-does any of the above sound appealing?

ilove Sat 28-May-16 22:51:20

Bless you, Thankyou for answering.

Style - I like stuff that doesn't make me look like a hippo

I need some kind of a waist - either at my waist or under my boobs otherwise I look even worse!

I like skater style dresses over leggings, stuff that looks classy rather than too young (I'm 47), I honestly looked at myself in leggings and t shirt the other day with my hair in a ponytail and I seriously could have cried.

I'd like a classic layered look - maybe cutoff jeans/trousers, a nice top, jacket or cardigan, and how the hell am I supposed to wear scarves??? I have hundreds and I love them but I just don't know HOW to wear them - I look down at myself with one on and immediately take it off again.

Shoes/feet - I have foot problems (arthritis) so need decent support but don't want "old lady" shoes if possible.

My tummy is HUGE and hangs over so hiding that and my fat arse is a priority. Not asking much, am I...

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 29-May-16 00:24:02

Hi there - I'm a similar size and shape I think, this is what I wear:

- jeans/trousers - high waisted to hold in stomach and plenty of stretch (next have some). I wear wide leg as I don't like straight/skinny
- shoes - I'm walking quite a bit atm so wear Skechers every day shoes. I also have some hush puppy flip flops and sandals (they feel more supportive than others)
- layers - I have loads of long vests (from matalan) and use these for layering, especially if the top I'll wear over is shorter. I wear a lot of vest/cardigan combinations. I also have a couple of jersey Blazers if I need to look smart

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 29-May-16 00:27:10

Scarves - I wear either casually wound around my neck or loose around my neck.

Have you thought about having a haircut to update you? I've just had mine cut into a short bob and I love it! So much easier to deal with.

I also think a decent bag will go a long way

WindPowerRanger Sun 29-May-16 22:26:11

Tummy-ditto. M&S light control bodies was my solution. Just holds you in enough not to have major muffin-top overhang. Some of them actually make it more comfortable to wear trousers.

Don't laugh, but Hotter have got some nice loafers.

Auburn2000 Mon 30-May-16 06:02:26

I like this scarf tying video - it gave me some new ideas!

Chocolateteabag Mon 30-May-16 08:44:13

Gabor "Ruffle" ballet pumps are amazing - they are £75 but vv comfortable.
If they don't work for you then also recommend trying Hotter - some of their styles aren't to grannyish and you need to have comfortable feet

Style wise I would go for dark bottoms (Capris, leggings) and lagen look layers on top a bit like this style

You can go for colourful if that suits your personality or more muted styles if you want.

RickOShay Mon 30-May-16 09:01:10

You are gorgeous grin, really you are. You do not look your age. I think skate style dresses would suit your figure, have you thought about wearing Capri length leggings in summery colours, rather than long ones. Also black cigarette trousers with a floaty top.

Maverick66 Tue 31-May-16 19:41:50

Check out Bon Marche they have some lovely pieces (lots of old lady type stuff too )
But they have cute cropped leggings with button detail on leg gorgeous with a long black vest and they have a leopard print Anne Harvey long over shirt/jacket type thing reduced from £34 to £24. DD is size 18 and bought this outfit yesterday and it is gorgeous on her.

Maverick66 Tue 31-May-16 19:42:55

P.s they have some lovely jersey trousers and floaty wide leg trousers too smile

ilove Mon 06-Jun-16 10:25:27

Thanks everyone!!! Some good ideas here x

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