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Do these dresses look ok to wear as a wedding guest?

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untinctured Thu 26-May-16 12:46:49

I've narrowed the choice down to two dresses that I like. I will probably order both, try on at home and send one back. Do you think these would be suitable for a fairly posh wedding in June?

WellErrr Thu 26-May-16 12:47:37

I prefer the first one. With a nice dark purple hat.

BeauGlacons Thu 26-May-16 12:48:12

I like the blue one best

WellErrr Thu 26-May-16 12:48:23

Bodycon and smart wedding don't go together in my book. So that's why I'd veto 2.

But the first one is lovely.

NannawifeofBaldr Thu 26-May-16 12:49:54

The first one is lovely.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Thu 26-May-16 12:55:49

1st one gets my vote. Both lovely though.

untinctured Thu 26-May-16 13:00:39

Thanks everyone. I think the purple one is my favourite too. I would look for a nice fascinator to match if I wear that one. I like the blue one but probably agree that it wouldn't be a great choice for a smart wedding.

Iona1651 Thu 26-May-16 13:00:40

They're both lovely - wish I had the body and confidence to wear either of those. We've a christening (I'm Godmother) and a wedding, both in August but wouldn't dream of ordering and the shame of having to return because of not fitting in either.

I'm sure you'll look amazing in either one. x

NannawifeofBaldr Thu 26-May-16 13:07:53

OP can I ask where the purple on is from?

SpringSpringSpring Thu 26-May-16 13:09:35

I really like the purple one - where is it from?

user1463996941 Thu 26-May-16 13:13:45

They both look wonderful. I have 2 weddings this year and I won't fit in normal dresses at the moment.

NapQueen Thu 26-May-16 13:15:23

1. Because it'd be spot on for a wedding and then in the winter could go with opaques for a night out.

untinctured Thu 26-May-16 13:16:43

Thanks Iona. There's no shame in returning items, it's not just sizing issues that lead to returns. There are plenty of other reasons.

For those who are interested here are the links:

ASOS Dress With Kimono Sleeves In Floral Print
ASOS Floral T-Shirt Scuba Bodycon Midi Dress

LillyVonSchtupp Thu 26-May-16 13:16:43

Spring they both look like ASOS photos to me?

Agree with be majority that the purple one is the nicest OP. Really lovely in fact..

untinctured Thu 26-May-16 13:22:08

User Asos do a Curve range that looks quite good. Worth a look.

I agree NapQueen. I think I would get more wears out of the purple one. It is much more versatile.

SpringSpringSpring Thu 26-May-16 13:34:43

Thanks for the link!

nannyplumislostinspace Thu 26-May-16 13:58:47

Just went to order the purple one but its out of stock in my size! sad

Believeitornot Thu 26-May-16 14:47:55

The only thing I'd be wary of is the material. I went to a wedding last year and the Asos stuff was a bit grim so I sent it back.

PestilentialCat Thu 26-May-16 18:47:08

I'd like the purple one in the blue fabric <awkward> grin

ManonLescaut Thu 26-May-16 20:25:28

Personally I think the purple one is awful.

As a dress I much prefer the blue, but I agree bodycon's not necessarily appropriate for a wedding.

How about this?It's like the blue but a bit more demure.

Love the purple, but will depend on the fabric.

Nannawifeofbaldr Thu 26-May-16 21:43:38

Manon that's actually very pretty.

untinctured Fri 27-May-16 06:38:52

Nannyplum so annoying when that happens. It might be worth checking back in a week or so to see if they have more stock. You would think they would stock summer dresses well into July.

Believeitornot I will assess the material when it arrives. I guess that this can vary between different dresses.

PestilentialCat I would like that too!

ManonLescaut I'm not sure about the print on that one. It would probably be too pale against my skin.

Floisme Fri 27-May-16 07:59:10

I bloody love the purple one. Less keen on the blue one but that might just be that stupid pouty look on the model's face.

No, they're both pouting aren't they - scrap that. I think maybe it's because the neckline on the blue one is quite high so you'd probably need to be flat chested to carry it off. In fact it might depend on boobage which one suits you best as one is quite a deep V neck and the other is high.

I like Manon's link too but yes, depends on your colouring. That's probably why I like the purple one - it's my colour.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Fri 27-May-16 21:29:24

Here's another blue one from ASOS.

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