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what ytpe of bra for this type of dress?

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lexloofah Wed 25-May-16 21:22:14

I like this dress but need to wear a bra with straps (strapless not an option, trust me), is there one out there that I can wear without the straps showing? thnx

Rpj16 Wed 25-May-16 21:43:00

A multiway with cross over back straps..? I think that exists :D

Rpj16 Wed 25-May-16 21:43:41

no...wait, can you get transparent cross over back straps?

MrsLettuce Wed 25-May-16 21:47:51

Mmm, what size?

lexloofah Thu 26-May-16 09:43:13

32F, so straps are usually fairly robust!

I have tried strapless but not for a long time but really not a flattering shape and tends to swivel around my torso so much hoiking is needed, also not v flattering

I guess I need to look at another dress instead, it a shame as so many nice ones show the shoulder where your strap would be or they are fine at the front but back less or some other obstacle

SuperFlyHigh Thu 26-May-16 10:17:20

Strapless should be fine if for evening bravissimo do a few I'm a 28ff in think.

MrsLettuce Thu 26-May-16 10:21:16

It would be seriously worth your while trying the wonderbra ultimate strapless before giving up on the dress, honestly, it's a thing of wonder.

The band comes a bit small so you might need to try a couple of sizes but it is an amazing bra.

KatharinaRosalie Thu 26-May-16 10:29:22

Wonderbra Ultimate will hold 32F up no problem, no hoiking needed. Yes you might need to size up, it's very tight.

SuperFlyHigh Thu 26-May-16 10:54:22

28ff or 30g what size should I try in wonder bra ultimate strapless?

KatharinaRosalie Thu 26-May-16 13:13:53

sure it's that way around? 30G is the same cup size as 28GG, not FF.
I usually go up a back size, and down with letters (i.e keeping the same cup volume) - wear normally 30FF but have this in 32F. I think some people have said they need to go down in cup size.

Maybe find a place that does free delivery and returns and order a few to try?

lexloofah Thu 26-May-16 19:36:19

2 bras ordered, fingers crossed as would open up so many more dress possibilities - thnx

I also reckon the wonderbra ultimate will work, it sits a bit lower at the back and is more plunging at the front than most strapless bras.

everythingsgoingsouth Thu 26-May-16 19:47:55

could you not just buy one of those bra converters that pull straps inwards at the back to make a "racer back" like this....

lexloofah Mon 06-Jun-16 10:32:18

just to update I ordered a Wonderbra one and a fantasie one, tried both on, in fact currently have the Wonderbra on whilst doing housework to put it to the test. I like that it has firm support at the sides and still gives a bit of (wobbly) cleavage whereas the fantasie one sort of flattened my boobs to my chest. The Wonderbra does come up a bit higher so slightly concerned it may peep over certain dresses but on balance I think am going to go with it, thanks ladies

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