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Silly night cream/cleansing question

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MayorOfWhere Tue 24-May-16 21:08:34

I've realised that my skin has changed and I don't really get spots anymore (great!) but after 2 years of sleep deprivation I'm looking older and my skin could do with some looking after.

I use a moisturiser with spf during the day so do I need to be cleansing before I apply both? So twice a day?

LordEmsworth Wed 25-May-16 07:52:27

Are you asking whether you should be cleansing your face in the morning before putting on moisturiser, and again in the evening before moisturising?

Yes. For lots of reasons. If you're only doing it once then evening is the better time as otherwise you're putting moisturiser onto dirt & skin debris from the day, so it won't be as effective. (Also, eurgh).

In the morning your skin has had less chance to get dirty overnight, but you still want to cleanse it - besides anything it feels nice...

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