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Petite suit jackets/blazer type things

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RobsAKnob Sun 22-May-16 22:02:05

Does anyone know where I can get made-to-measure suits or blazers? Or somewhere really good at tailoring alterations? I'm 5' tall, size 6-8 bottoms and would be size 8 tops/jackets if it weren't for my Huge Boobs. Austin Reed used to do decent quality petite suits (although I'd always have to ignore the Huge Boob issue) but no more, and the only other thing I can find is polyester in the M&S, Next, Debenhams etc Petite ranges.

I'm looking for something formal, fairly timeless, nipped in at the waist and made of wool. Have had jackets from Jigsaw altered by our local independent dry cleaner who can send off for tailoring alterations but I'm never that happy with the result.

I'm on the South Coast so can get into London easily. Quite happy to spend a bit for something that is good quality and will last.

Thank you!

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