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Dd has scars on her face from when she had spots - anything we can do ?

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ginorwine Sat 21-May-16 16:24:48

Not sure what to do ?
Thought could exfoliate to encourage new skin ? But don't want to irritate it ?
She gas worked so hard to manage her spots and wants to wear less make up but feels she now needs to to hide the red marks where the spots have been ... Any advice welcome please .

Kennington Sat 21-May-16 16:49:21

A mild glycolic acid for day and sudocrem at night worked on a burn mark for me
Sudocrem also worked on a knee scar very well
And time unfortunately

bonzo77 Sat 21-May-16 16:55:57

Time. I had the most horrible acne in my early 20's which left me with matchingly horrible scars. I think they remained obvious for a couple of years, but far less horrible than the original scars. I did nothing to treat them and they have totally gone. They had probably totally disappeared by 5 years.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 21-May-16 16:59:08

Yep time plus some nip and fab glycolic pads.

Very few women can go make up free.

midnightmoomoo Sat 21-May-16 17:05:08

I swear by Clarins Beauty Concentrate serum, used to be SOS serum. It's quite pricey but you only need a drop or two so it lasts for ages. It's the only thing I've found that helps fade the marks left by spots. I'm not sure about scarring as I've not had that, but the pesky red marks left by even the smallest spots definitely improve using this.

Brillenbar Sat 21-May-16 17:08:56

I second the clarins recommendation. I had horrible facial eczema in my late teens which left scaring. Clarins sorted it

coppergrey Sat 21-May-16 17:12:43

I'm really prone to scarring - I like Pixi Glow Tonic for fading them, Kevyn Aucoin concealer for covering them and always, always SPF to stop them darkening further.

AyeAmarok Sat 21-May-16 17:38:42


AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Sat 21-May-16 19:39:39

Do you mean this Clarins?

dreamerlemur Sat 21-May-16 23:11:09

I'm not sure that any creams would make a difference to scarring. The redness will fade in time. I would think maybe microdermabrasion or some type of light therapy or treatment ?

hollinhurst84 Sun 22-May-16 01:47:53

There's a bit about it here
that and a fairly gentle acid toner

hollinhurst84 Sun 22-May-16 01:52:03

Also this if you can get it off eBay. And get past the snail ick factor grin
Detailed review here

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 22-May-16 01:53:29

I had red scars from late teenage chickenpox and found that vitamin E soap and cream helped a lot.
Ds3 had small facial scars from a serious dog bite and Bio Oil has helped a lot (despite my initial sceptism).
It also helps to keep very well hydrated, so frequent drinks of water. I know this helps with my rosacea as hydration from within is beneficial to skin health.

botemp Sun 22-May-16 07:33:32

I'd echo hollinhurst84's recommendation for a product high in niacinamide, but I'd take a two step approach.

For recent scarring you'll want a Vitamin C product to help it heal and an SPF to avoid further pigmentation when you reveal new skin, thus healing it faster too. For the existing PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) you'll want the niacinamide. She's still young so her skin will likely help heal itself with the right products, if not look into laser resurfacing further down the line.

Products to consider are this Melano CC Vitamin C spot treatment, review of it here. For Niacinamide I'd suggest looking into Holy Snail's Shark Sauce which has 5% Niacinamide in it and is universally praised for its use on PIH. Try ordering a sample first to make sure DD doesn't react to it. Alternatively look into Cerave Night Cream at 4% Niacinamide. I could recommend more easily available items locally but to get the necessary concentrations for these type of products at sensible prices which are still easy to use is v. difficult.

sammy891 Sun 22-May-16 09:10:44

A mild glycolic toner like Pixi Glow or First Aid Beauty Pads woulf help even everything out. She can start every other day and work her way up to everyday if skin gets on well.

ginorwine Sun 22-May-16 09:17:53

Thank you all
I have the Cerave night cream and I will look into the other options .

Ancienchateau Sun 22-May-16 09:24:11

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo cream is very good at fading red marks

ladedah Sun 22-May-16 14:18:41

another recommendation for effaclar duo, plus spf to protect the new skin. if you have any salons nearby who do high frequency facials, they're really good for killing skin bacteria and reducing redness too.

Brillenbar Sun 22-May-16 15:14:43

Yes the link to the clarins one is the one I used. Absolute life saver. I still go back to it if my skin flares up

JennyOnAPlate Sun 22-May-16 15:17:20

Yy effaclar duo. It's worked wonders on my crap skin.

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