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What bikinis are you buying?

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ImYourWomanJonSnow Fri 20-May-16 15:36:28

So the beach times are approaching and I'd love to get a new bikini. I'm after some inspiration and also being nosey- have you seen/tried on/bought anything?

JapaneseSlipper Fri 20-May-16 15:58:42

I don't think I'll be wearing one, but I did see this earlier and quite liked it! Departure from the usual neon or nautical stripes

gingercat02 Fri 20-May-16 16:27:20

Very topical post Imyourwoman I have just bought these from Boden

in metalic brown
in metalic brown
and these
in tomato red and blue
in tomato red and blue

Haven't tried them on yet, but they look good in RL.
Interested to see what everyone else is buying

ImYourWomanJonSnow Sat 21-May-16 09:30:31 I really like this swimsuit from Stories, was deliberating whether i can pull it off and now it's sold out. Kicking myself

ImYourWomanJonSnow Sat 21-May-16 09:31:52

That was a link fail. This swimsuit

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