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Fashion fail

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Feawen Thu 19-May-16 23:22:53

Tried on what I though was a top in miss selfridge today. Wasn't a top. Was a playsuit. As I discovered after I got both legs stuck through one hole.

A lovely mum shopping with her teenage daughter kindly yanked it off over my head. blush.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's done this? Or is this the world's way of telling me to leave miss selfridge to the teens?

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Fri 20-May-16 01:58:19

Not me, but my poor late mum, bless her soul.
I was about 8 months old which was 1976. Mum told me it was a very hot.summer, anyway. She goes into marksies and tries on what she thought was a size 16 dress. It said so on the hanger, but The dress got stuck on her, as. It turned out it was only a size 8. My poor mum became all flustered and being a hot summer, well. You can imagine. She just ripped the dress off her and went out the changing room. All the while. I was out side in my pram, crying and screeching.

Silvertap Fri 20-May-16 06:53:25

These made me laugh!

I once tried on a bodiced evening gown that was too small. Getting it off involved a sales assistant standing on a chair tugging it over my head.

citychick Fri 20-May-16 07:08:18

I grabbed a swimsuit off the peg and got a bit stuck. thought it was a size 10. turned out it was age 10!

Oh the shame blush

ProjectGainsborough Fri 20-May-16 11:06:19

This happened to a friend of mine when trying on a tube top in an achingly trendy boutique. The boob tube got stuck as she pulled it over her head. She toppled backward through the curtain onto the floor into the shop.
She wasn't wearing a bra.

I am horrible, but that story never fails to make me grin

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