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Bra help needed

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purpleporpoise Thu 19-May-16 22:18:17

I've followed the advice on here and I'm now wearing the right size bra and have more cleavage than I've ever had. Current size is a 40F smile

The problem I have is underwires. Every bra I buy, within a few weeks is trying to stab me in the arm pit or rib. It's driving me mad, I'm sewing them up each time, I googled and discovered I should sew a small piece of fabric over. This didn't work either.
I do machine wash them but not that often
I'm buying from M&S or Debenhams Gorgeous.

I also confess to fastening at the front and shifting it round. I have never managed to fasten one behind my back since I started wearing them!

When I mentioned to some friends that the underwire pops all the time, they were all horrified! Only ne person said it had happened to her years ago. So it's obviously not that commonplace.

What am I doing wrong ?

Twirling them round won't be helping as it stresses the fabric - you're basically hauling on the fabric and the wires will be grinding against the fibres.

It's also often a sign that the fit isn't perfect - often it's not a full blown size issue but a style issue which means that the wires aren't sitting properly flat. if that's the case they worm their way through the fabric and poke through

I'm afraid once they go sewing never works properly!

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