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evening wedding guest help!

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foolserrand Thu 19-May-16 00:05:51

Title says almost all you need to know. Wedding is Saturday, so will need ASAP delivery options. Must be able to order online. Love pink, suit greens and neutral tones best though. Apple shape. 5'6. Size 10-12.

Please, for the love of God, help me! I'm the parent who wears spongebob pants and Jurassic world raglan tees!

MrsLettuce Thu 19-May-16 00:22:14

Have you got shoes you want to wear? A bag?

Need to get to be but will have a quick look

NapQueen Thu 19-May-16 00:30:11

MrsLettuce Thu 19-May-16 00:30:39

What's your budget and will it be very formal?
Next day delivery

NapQueen Thu 19-May-16 00:31:07

foolserrand Thu 19-May-16 00:36:03

Not very formal. I have both black and brown/gold/bronze strappy (the autocorrect on that... Oh my!) heels to go with any outfit.

foolserrand Thu 19-May-16 00:38:21

I do like that first next dress. I have spanxx if that helps!

I have no idea what I'm doing. Still rocking the student rock look

MrsLettuce Thu 19-May-16 07:50:58

I see my first link didn't work. here

Sleeves saves you from the problem of finding a coverup , which is tricky at the best of times and risky at short notice.

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