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First date at Springsteen Gig

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srtajuanita Wed 18-May-16 21:41:20

Could you suggest a cool and not too "try hard" outfit for a Springsteen gig?

Early 40s, busty, size 16. I guess I'll need layers as early June is unpredictable?

My style icon is Kirstie Allsopp (similar looks) so I'm a bit all at sea!

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 18-May-16 21:45:21

Seriously? Your first date? Wow.

cherrybomme Wed 18-May-16 22:06:53

Oh my gosh. He is/was hot to trot. Hope you have a great time, lucky lucky lucky x

TwentyOneGuns Wed 18-May-16 22:14:42

Great first date! He plays for ages so I'd say comfy shoes for a start smile.

I think I'd go for jeans/nice top/flat shoes, with the top being something quite 'you' - maybe an interesting pattern or unusual cut?

burnishedsilver Wed 18-May-16 22:16:28

I had a look in mind as I was reading right up until you said kirstie allsop. I can't imagine what she would wear to a concert. I'm going to one of the concerts too. I'm expecting it to be more of a jeans and leather jacket affair than a floral 50s dress affair.

ImperialBlether Wed 18-May-16 22:16:54

Ohh you've reminded me I'm going next week! How did you meet him?

JapaneseSlipper Wed 18-May-16 22:22:40

"I can't imagine what she would wear to a concert."

The same thing she wears everywhere - a big felted coat with enormous buttons. grin

MrsLettuce Wed 18-May-16 22:23:27

Certainly comfy shoes.

burnishedsilver Wed 18-May-16 22:26:23

Would something like this work?

burnishedsilver Wed 18-May-16 22:32:26

Are you seated or standing?

Andbabymakesthree Wed 18-May-16 22:34:46

Wow what a first date!

burnishedsilver Wed 18-May-16 22:48:26

Would something along these lines suit? Don't stress too much about it - You're going to have a great night regardless of what you wear.

MistressMerryWeather Wed 18-May-16 23:04:41

White Springsteen tank top and blue jeans à la Courtney Cox in 'Dancing in the dark'?

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 18-May-16 23:18:07

I'm going next Wednesday

<happy dance>

ImperialBlether Wed 18-May-16 23:23:24

Is that Manchester, Exit?

ImperialBlether Wed 18-May-16 23:24:07

Because I'm going there, too!

srtajuanita Thu 19-May-16 06:02:06

Burnished, I love that look. I have a denim jacket so if I can get a similar dress I'll be sorted. Thank you

ExitPursuedByABear Thu 19-May-16 06:05:52

Yes Imperial grin

IdaShaggim Thu 19-May-16 06:08:33

I'm going to Manchester as well


Pisssssedofff Thu 19-May-16 07:44:05

I wanna go 😩

ExitPursuedByABear Thu 19-May-16 09:36:18

Tickets are still available apparently.

srtajuanita Thu 19-May-16 11:09:48

He was a friend a LONG time ago. This is a date, if you see what I mean x

burnishedsilver Thu 19-May-16 12:29:36

The dress is top shop but its sold out online in your size.


Nettletheelf Thu 19-May-16 18:27:29

Please go wearing a bandana on your head and another one tucked in the back pocket of your jeans!

AgathaMystery Thu 19-May-16 20:47:28

He plays for HOURS. don't drink anything for about 6hrs beforehand. Unless you have a catheter grin

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