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Nuxe huile prodigieuse - soleil v regular

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AuntieStella Tue 17-May-16 22:05:03

I love the regular version (usually stock up in France) but was considering getting the soleil version before the summer hols (is the one with the glittery sheen to it).

But I had a dab with the tester, and the scent didn't seem anything like as strong as the regular (which I then tested on other wrist).

Has anyone else noticed this? Or was it just a duff tester?

I want to get it, but just can't bring myself to spend if it won't smell right. Especially as it's not that glittery when it's on the skin.

millicentfriendly Wed 18-May-16 09:25:19

I agree, it has a weaker scent, is denser (presumably because of the glitter) and the glittery factor isn't that noticeable. My one small bottle has become quite gunky and thick and I wouldn't buy it again.

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