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Nude tights for the big of hip/bum/thigh

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MummaGiles Tue 17-May-16 12:07:05

I buy my opaque tights from m&s and go for the largest size because I have big thighs/hips/bum. But whenever I get nude tights from there they ladder really easily or they feel a bit small and won't stay up. Help me find some that will actually last multiple uses!

WilLiAmHerschel Tue 17-May-16 12:10:37

I'm size 8 and quite slim and toned but never in my life worn a pair of nude tights that hasn't torn on the first day I've worn them. I gave up. I don't know how other people do it. It is one of life's mysteries.

MummaGiles Tue 17-May-16 12:14:35

In which case how can I get the skin on my legs nice enough to not wear tights to work/weddings this summer? I am so envious of other people's smooth looking calfs.

MummaGiles Tue 17-May-16 12:15:13

And how to stop the thigh rub?? Ugh.

WilLiAmHerschel Fri 27-May-16 21:00:28

Sorry for late reply but I don't know! My legs are always covered in bruises and scrapes and I'm really pale but I still show my bare legs if I'm wearing a dress in summer. I'm sure they only look bad to you, most people see a normal pair of legs.

If it makes you feel better you could do the whole time exfoliate, shave, fake tan (if you're light skinned) and moisturise thing. I always moisturise anyway. I would recommend recommend trying to love your legs as they are. Nobody looks like a magazine model - even the models themselves thanks to Photoshop, make up and lighting. As for thigh rubbing I'm not too sure. You can buy that chaffing cream which I think is meant to be pretty good.

AtiaoftheJulii Fri 27-May-16 21:08:38


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