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Baguette diamond wedding band cuts into my finger making it red and sore...why???

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ukgirlatheart Mon 16-May-16 23:42:01

Ok at first i thought it was because Im orob a stone heavier than when i got married but I cant wear my wedding ring anymore. After a day or so it digs in me and leaves a sore red mark. Any ideas

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Mon 16-May-16 23:43:29

I think you've answered your own question - if your finger had become fatter that is the reason it now digs. Picture?

GlitterGlassEye Mon 16-May-16 23:44:48

It's too wee obviously.

CreviceImp Tue 17-May-16 07:58:42

I had this issue with a ring. It wasn't too small but I was reacting to some element in the white gold mix. My finger under the ring was bright red with raised little blisters. I painted the inside of the ring with a couple of coats of clear nail varnish and it seemed to resolve it.

ArgyMargy Tue 17-May-16 08:02:43

Get it resized unless you think you will lose the weight again. If you're planning to lose the weight stop wearing the ring until you're thinner. The world will not end if you don't wear your ring.

Rshard Tue 17-May-16 08:06:16

I had this and it wasn't due to the size. Is there a recess behind the diamonds? Mine had and sounds gross but when I washed my hands it washed up etc water used to collect in the recess and that made my finger sore.

The ring was stolen but when I replaced it, the new ring had no recess and I've never had the problem

ukgirlatheart Tue 17-May-16 09:09:41

It is very similar to this - the inside has gaps/cut outs/no sure what you call it. It is platinum.
I was 9 stone 4/5lbs when I had it fitted and am now about 10 stone 5 - so a good stone heavier.

Im sad I cant wear it as it's my wedding ring plus it's lovely...but if I wear it constantly it really

purplepingu Tue 17-May-16 09:12:33

Mine are doing this all the time! I think it's because I tend to wash my hands or wash up still wearing them and it's staying damp underneath.

They don't actually look too bad in the pic, they're usually much worse. Sore and itchy then it goes flaky.

blueskyinmarch Tue 17-May-16 10:06:28

I think it is an allergic reaction probably caused by a build up of soap residues etc. I get that with my eternity ring. Perhaps take it and get it cleaned?

ukgirlatheart Tue 17-May-16 10:32:34

PurplePingu - so does mine, sore, stinky then dries out and dry flaky skin. I wore it the other weekend and slept in it by the morning it was so tight on my finger. I got it off and put it away but it was red raw and someone said to me OMG that's looks awful sad

ukgirlatheart Tue 17-May-16 10:34:22

Im out again in a couple of weeks and have been loosing weight so will ive it another go cost ££££'s in fact it's nearly doubled in price since we bought it 15 years ago. Also I don't want another ring it was my wedding ring sad

burnishedsilver Tue 17-May-16 10:36:19

It can be resized. I had a piece put in to mine because it was too small. It's done seemlessly.

BeverlyGoldberg Tue 17-May-16 10:43:51

I get a rash every now and again. My rings aren't too small, it's the build up of muck up the inside. I bought a jewellery cleaner from Lakeland.

ukgirlatheart Tue 17-May-16 11:15:38

OK Im going to get it cleaned and take it off for washing up and at night and see if that works - Im loosing weight also so hoping that helps. If not maybe a resize

purplepingu Tue 17-May-16 11:25:05

If I take mine off for a day it clears up but then the cycle starts all over again (because I always forget to take them off when I wash my hands).

It may be due to the width, as I have less trouble if I just wear my wedding band and not my engagement ring.

I might try the nail varnish idea in case I'm having a reaction to the metal but mine are platinum and I've worn it before with no trouble.

Lululooselips Tue 17-May-16 11:28:39

Resizing full eternity rings is difficult and some places will refuse to do it. It's possible to make it a little bit bigger by removing some metal from inside the ring but depends entirely on the individual ring and whether there's enough metal left over to ensure structural integrity of the ring.

steppemum Tue 17-May-16 13:50:28

my rings re flattish and wide. I find that if I wear them at night, the skin underneath goes white and then sore. I also find that soap sticks under them.

I take them off to shower and take them off at night. If I have been washing up/using soap, I make sure they are rinsed out under and then take them off to dry my finger.

ukgirlatheart Tue 17-May-16 13:51:34

Steppemum - yes my skin goes white to the imprint of the ring inside then sore then red then itchy

Hopefully Tue 17-May-16 16:11:23

My ring has cut outs on the underside (under the settings, like the acerbity ring above that are quite big and deep and I find I get an allergic type rash if I don't clean them occasionally. Also get the rash if I leave it on overnight too many nights in a row - can do it occasionally (eg when away) with no problems.

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