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Smart work clothes for large people - for not much money?

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blinkowl Mon 16-May-16 12:06:34

I'm starting a new job where I'll have to dress smartly.

In my previous job, we could wear whatever we liked, and now my wardrobe is mainly jeans and tops or dresses and leggings (don't care if it's a fashion sin, it suits me!)

But for this job I need to dress like a grown up smarten up and I'm clueless!

To complicate things, I'm also pretty skint, and I am size 18 with big boobs and a huge stomach, so a lot of clothes that look nice on slim people look obscene on me!

I feel more comfortable in trousers, but do wear dresses and skirts sometimes.

I can't wear anything too fitted or with a waist, so no dresses with belts or skirts with tops that end at the waist, they need to be longer - as my stomach is just too huge (honestly, people often think I am pregnant enough to offer me a seat on buses!).

I can't afford to spend much money at all, so any tips on bargain shopping would be great!

Also I guess if you lovely people can give me some direction on style I could see if I could find something similar on eBay.

blinkowl Mon 16-May-16 12:27:46

Hopeful bump!

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