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Prom shoes

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NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 08:13:54

DD has her prom dress here and requires some shoes to go with it.

Her requirements are:
Low heels or flat as she simply cannot walk in heels
Covered toes
No pointed shoes

I have been looking online for ideas and am struggling to find any that she likes. She is in the middle of GCSEs right now so shopping trips are out until after the exams.

bojorojo Mon 16-May-16 09:04:19

Black is not really a summer colour for prom shoes. Black or sparkly ballerina flats? Boden may have something.

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 09:05:47

How about these?

MrsJayy Mon 16-May-16 09:06:26

Dd2 got hers inNewlook they were fully covered black bit of sparkle and a low blockheel

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 09:55:56

"Black is not really a summer colour for prom shoes"

Who says? She doesn't want to conform to typical "prom" colours, and simply wouldn't wear any other colour. She also wants shoes she can wear again. She is not at all girly and hates all the princessy prom dresses and accessories.

She can't wear ballerina flats because she has problems with her toes and can't keep them on.

Those are too high MrsLettuce

We looked in New Look and DD tried on some shoes that she really liked but they were too high. She is hoping to go to an after prom party and wants to wear something on her feet that will still be comfortable after several hours.

Thanks for your replies anyway.

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 09:56:21

And she doesn't want sparkle either.

Ohtobeskiing Mon 16-May-16 10:02:06

What about something like this?

MrsJayy Mon 16-May-16 10:04:52

Try primark they have loads of shoes dd1 bought some flats for the after party just plain black she also got her heels there £20 for 2 pairs

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 10:07:18

I will show her those Ohtobe, but I suspect that she will still find them too high. she is not a heels girl at all.

DD said that she thought she would find something in Primark. It's a pitty they don't show their goods on a website.

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 10:09:15

Might something this or this be more to the point?

MrsJayy Mon 16-May-16 10:11:39

Yeah primark have a rubbish website its pointless you need to go in.

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 10:14:46

I will shoe her those MrsLettuce. I don't think she will like the ones with the bows though. Thanks for looking.

KittiesInsane Mon 16-May-16 10:16:50

Are these too pointy?

puddlejumpingqueen Mon 16-May-16 10:17:29

How about these:

puddlejumpingqueen Mon 16-May-16 10:18:42

Or these:,acc_3.2/9956130338?skipRedirection=true&gclid=COqwlteh3swCFXEz0wodkD8HwA

Lweji Mon 16-May-16 10:23:58

Too high?,size:

I'd still try them and see if they are comfortable.
Try gel insoles for extra comfort.

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 10:25:11

No bow
not patent
Similar again
patent again

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 10:28:30

She has narrow feet BTW. The H and M link only takes me to the home page.

I appreciate all the help. I have to go out now and will be back later.

Thanks again

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 12:17:52

narrow fit clarkes

KitKats28 Mon 16-May-16 12:28:48

My daughter doesn't do heels either. She's got silver metallic Vans for prom.

Red Converse would look good with that dress. Or maybe patent DMs. Primark had some nice black glitter lace up flats.

hellsbells99 Mon 16-May-16 12:35:10

I'd go for sandals that she can wear again

hellsbells99 Mon 16-May-16 12:35:28

Lovely dress by the way!

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 12:55:17

yy, actual DMs or converse would be great, thought she was after slightly prommy shoe shoes but that'd be a good solution!

MrsLettuce Mon 16-May-16 12:55:50

yy to Vans / alike too

NicknameUsed Mon 16-May-16 12:57:14

Thank you Hells, but she doesn't want open toes.

KitKat Converse/DMs is DD's day to day style (or rather cheap knock offs). I think one of her friends is going to wear DMs.

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