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psst-Aldi caviar night cream has done something amazing

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Ledkr Mon 16-May-16 06:46:49

So this is the second mornjng ive woken up after using it and my eye bags/wrinkles have gone!
I went for a wee and literally stopped still at my reflection.
I'm 49 have quite nice skin but my under eye area has always been the worst bit.
I look as if I'm using that eye tightening stuff off the telly grin it lasted all day yesterday as well.
I am mighty pleased so thought I'd share.

Gatekeeper Mon 16-May-16 06:50:18

Oohh, I'm going to aldi today. How much was it?

krisskross Mon 16-May-16 06:53:00

Did you put it under your eyes? Thought you were meant to use different cream there?

Ledkr Mon 16-May-16 07:25:29

6.99! Yes I did use it under my eyes. I do with all my creams unless my eyes sting. Think under eye cream is a gimmick.
Anyway I look Marvelous so who cares? grin

Itscurtainsforyou Mon 16-May-16 08:06:25

Is this the night cream? I have the day cream, which I like but sounds like I might need to get the night cream too!

AYD2MITalkTalk Mon 16-May-16 08:08:46

I'm only just capable of dealing with the concept of different creams for face and body (okay, hand creams I get, cause my hands are a lot drier and the skin is very different) - but special eyebag cream?! How many bathroom shelves do these people think I have? grin

Ledkr Mon 16-May-16 08:32:46

I will do before and after shots tmw

KittyKrap Mon 16-May-16 08:40:40

Ooooh!! Watching with interest!

howtorebuild Mon 16-May-16 08:43:46

What about around the mouth corners?

Ledkr Mon 16-May-16 09:10:37

I don't have (I don't think) a problem there but I will look.
Ive washed and done my usual skin care today and the effects are still there.
I'm just praying that it's a myth that your skin gets used to products.
Inccidentally, I had a late night and early morning so would expect to look hideous today!

notthestereotype1 Mon 16-May-16 10:14:43

I really hope that's a myth OP (skin gets used to products) but I've always found this personally.

When I first start using EL ANR, I was shock at the results, but after a couple of months, I stopped seeing those affects. Same with No 7 p&p. I think you have to swap and change, but I will almost definitely give this aldi cream a go. Was looking for a new night cream, so cheers OP! smile

Whyarethebestnamestaken Mon 16-May-16 15:35:52

I have just bought this and the day cream and skin peel one today on your recommendations so fingers crossed I look like a new woman in the morning lol

ItsJustPaint Mon 16-May-16 15:39:04

Somebody recommended this to me so I bought it but it made my eyes sting so I gave up.

I've never reacted to any make up or skin cream before

notamummy10 Mon 16-May-16 16:01:16

Aldi's skincare range is one of the best I've come across, I use the intensive serum for 'young' skin. I have dehydrated but oily skin and the serum helps to rehydrate my skin. It was only £3 too... Bargain. I hate paying loads for skincare that turns out to be rubbish, Pixi Glow Tonic and La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo(+) are two examples of this.

Does anyone know if Aldi do a range for oily and blemished skin yet? I haven't been to Aldi in ages!

Buttwing Mon 16-May-16 16:05:35

I love the caviar creams I use the day and night cream and I really like them both definitely worth £6.99!!

Littleballerina Mon 16-May-16 16:12:23

I'm off to aldi tomorrow!

mumofthemonsters808 Mon 16-May-16 16:15:08

I'm a fan too, they are amazing products for a budget price.I think they can be too thick for sensitive skin though, my sister bought some following my reccommendation but she did not rate them. I've been using both caviar creams for about a year now and have seen great improvement.

Gatekeeper Mon 16-May-16 16:33:59

Huh...I went into my local aldi and not one was left. Destined to remain wrinkly, baggy old harridan

TickleMcTickleFace Tue 17-May-16 15:23:47

I've bought the day and night cream and intensive 7 day pack after your recommendation OP. I'm hoping I wake up looking like my teen self without the awful spots

TyrionLannistersShadow Tue 17-May-16 15:42:37

I have the Caviar day cream here and I don't like it at all, it's too thick or something and just sits on my skin. I really wanted to like it because I've heard good things but it just doesn't suit my skin which is oily but dry in patches and prone to spots.

Gatekeeper Tue 17-May-16 18:20:56

Is it fragranced at all,? can't bear perfumed stuff on my face

madmomma Tue 17-May-16 21:47:46

Sadly mine broke me out. Am using it up on my arms.

Chimchar Wed 18-May-16 07:05:11

I've been using the day cream for a few months now. It's bloody brilliant. People are commenting on how great my skin was looking ropey and grey/dry/liney a while ago.

The night cream is much thicker and feels great when I put it on. Don't use it regularly though...should probably start!

JasperDamerel Wed 18-May-16 07:11:53

It is fragranced.

I've used the night cream for ages, but most Aldi (and other brand) day creams make my eyes water.

Ledkr Wed 18-May-16 08:33:36

Still showing improvement this morning.
I'm going to get the day cream

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