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Help me find a hat please!

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LadyAntonella Sun 15-May-16 19:46:19

I am looking for a hat which I can wear to protect my head from the sun while still looking reasonably stylish or at least not terribly unstylish.

I am in my early thirties, 5'8" and a size 14. I am a SAHM and wear a lot of jeans, cotton dresses and denim skirts in the summer usually with brogues, ballet flats or Vans.

I really need something to wear all the time. I do what I can to stay out of he sun but I don't love putting sun cream on my head as it makes my hair very greasy and horrible. I have a huuuuuge straw hat which I love but it blows off my head when it's windy so it's a little impractical.

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