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Interviews coming up, look like crap. Any quick fixes?

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originalmavis Sun 15-May-16 11:03:18

My skin, nails and hair are so dry at the moment and I look very pale and puffy / creased around the eyes. I've never used hair straiteners and am not sure that just before an interview is the time to try!

Not sure if theres much I can do before this Friday!

Any magic ideas?

ginorwine Sun 15-May-16 11:29:40

Deep moisture mask on hair
Rest and fresh air
Have nails done at salon
Smile and make good eye contact
Good luck

ginorwine Sun 15-May-16 11:30:20

Maybe a trim if ends of hair are dry too

specialsubject Sun 15-May-16 18:50:05

smart tidy outfit, walkable-in but smart shoes, clean tidy nails, no rattles or smells. Matching company dress code (do a sneaky flyby to see what they wear) The things you mention are utterly irrelevant assuming you aren't after a receptionist job with a company much in the news recently...

prepared, knowing about the company and job, some kick-ass questions for them.

confident smile and non-weedy handshake.

on time and organised.

best of luck!

originalmavis Sun 15-May-16 19:36:23

I'm flying around this week like a kite as usual and very stressed out at work. Plus DS has exams and being a pain!

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