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Can any hairdressers, or,those who colour their hair help?

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Calmonthesurfacebut Sun 15-May-16 00:13:16

I normally have foil highlights and a cut. However, I have been pretty poorly the last four months and the highlights are growing out an inch or so, grey hair is showing. blush.

I had back surgery, just a week ago, which means I can't drive - I live in the middle of bloody no where and even if I get to a salon, I can't bend over, or lie back to a basin. I can however stand in a shower.

Never before have I attempted any sort of colour, what is the easiest and best? Ideally something I can do on my own, like a shampoo in. Hair is dark blonde, with greyish sides, so need to cover that. I have had highlights and I think,that may make a difference to it taking, or doesn't that happen nowadays?

Any suggestions? Any ideas? I feel a bit hopeless to be honest, it's all been such a shit time recently and I don't know where to turn.


ineedtopoas Sun 15-May-16 00:16:01

Why can't you get a hairdresser to come to you? They put permanent dye on dry hair then you rinse in the shower

ineedtopoas Sun 15-May-16 00:16:17

Why can't you get a hairdresser to come to you? They put permanent dye on dry hair then you rinse in the shower

GertyTheGert Sun 15-May-16 00:41:59

Dear Calmonthe - I really feel for you as I've been off sick twice with a poorly back once 5 1/2 mths and once 3 mths so I can say I totes understand your prob re bending over etc. I am practically begging you not to try to dye your hair yourself. Because the combo of grey roots and highlights may well mean if you try to use home dye you could end up with two badger stripes. One at the roots where they grey is and one where the highlights and other colour (base colour)are. I cant match up my grey/highlights/base with my back 95% improved with home dyes, so I too suggest you try for a home hairdresser - even if just to have more highlights added to blend in the grey. Begging you ...... :-/

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Sun 15-May-16 10:15:46

I do my own blonde at home so it's possible, especially as you are starting with a light base colour.

You need to decide what kind of blonde you want. Either warm golden shades or cooler ashy tones. If you are pale skinned with light eyes I would choose a cool blonde. Look for light beige, ash, cool or ice blonde in the title.
Most blonde dyes work with your natural highlights anyway.

I would recommend L'Oreal excellence creme in light ash blonde or beige blonde. Or Nice n Easy age defy is good for covering greys.

If you're nervous, mix up a small amount (equal parts) of the dye and developer on a saucer and apply to a small strip of your hair the day before to test.

If the resulting colour is too brassy, you can buy a purple toner shampoo to neutralise. Use afterwards.

Hope you're back on your feet soon.

FuckOffJeffrey Sun 15-May-16 10:55:41

If you have never coloured your hair at home before then I would recommend asking friends or family if they know/ recommend a local hairdresser that would come to your home to do your hair for you. Perhaps if you call your regular hairdresser and explain the situation they might be willing to do a home appointment.

Blonde is a tricky colour to get right as are highlights. If it was an all over brown or red I would say go for a box dye and DIY but not blonde highlights over grey. This is coming from someone who has dyed her hair at home for years and been every colour under the sun (including going from pillar box red to blonde in one sitting).

Hope your feeling better soon.

Calmonthesurfacebut Sun 15-May-16 12:31:15

Thanks for allt He kind messages. I had thought of a home hairdresser, but as I dont know any, I wasn't sure where to start to find one. I suppose even if they are t good it may be better than me trying something!

Getty, I hear you and that's what terrifys me - ending up with a mess!

GertyTheGert Sat 21-May-16 10:41:53

I hope you didn't think I was trying to put you off but truly I did similar thinking all the colours would sort-of blend together and just have slightly different shades of the dye but trust me, it just caused two badger stripes! Then I bought a slightly darker dye thinking darker equals more cover - NO! The dye went lots darker than the shade the pack showed and I ended up having to pay out to have all the dye stripped off and a new dye put on to cover the ......... grey roots I had in the first place!!! When your back is bad this is worse because you have to "to and fro" the basin. I hope something is sorted for you. :-)

Calmonthesurfacebut Mon 23-May-16 07:40:49

Thanks, you did put me off, but probably a good thing!

I can't lie forward or back at a basin at the moment, that's the biggest reason I am struggling. I could stand in a shower, so think mobile is,the way to go. Problem is who to go with.? A friend gave me a name of one she knows, but they haven't got back to me. I'm a bit cautious of picking one out of the blue!

I may try ringing my hairdressers.


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