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Inexpensive holiday gear

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AllTheDwarves Sat 14-May-16 21:40:54

I'm getting married in September and I'm off to Marbs on my hen do in August. My non-mom friends are all tres fashionable and still wallowing in child free disposable income so will no doubt be pulling all kinds of fabulous outfits out of their designer luggage (exaggerating.. A bit).

I want to buy some bits and bobs for the holiday but with a wedding and 2 dc's in day care, I can't afford to go wild. Can anybody recommend a cheap-but-not-shit online store? (I hate actual shopping. Never have time to browse. We all know the drill.)

I'm not one for basics and I still like to think I have a bit of the fashion sense I had in my twenties. Albeit with saggier boobs and a pouch! Fave shops if DP is paying are Topshop and Zara. But I am on a Primark budget.

Any suggestions?

MrsPresley Sat 14-May-16 22:09:36

I got some nice stuff in Matlan today. Strappy dresses for £8 (I'll wear them with 3/4 leggings cos I'm old)

They also had nice shorts, can't remember how much, I didn't buy any and boob tube tops for £3/4 (didn't buy them either) grin

Also new look have some nice stuff reasonably priced.

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