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IPL Need Words Of Encouragement

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danni2016 Sat 14-May-16 19:28:23


I have done two IPL treatments ( lat one was 4 days ago) and no hair at all appears to be shedding. Some places say a matter of days some say 3 to 4 week, my first session was less than 3 week ago, did you see any shedding within this time frame or did it take longer?

I really want to persevere but when you are treating your face and it's red raw from using those smooth away pads going back to my tweezers is looking so tempting.

It would be a lot easier I know if I shaved but I cannot bring myself to shave my face just in case the IPL doesn't work, then what would I do.

Any words of encouragement at this stage would be much appreciated smile

Thanks in advance

Scarydinosaurs Sat 14-May-16 19:59:33

Are you having this treatment in a salon?

Did they patch test you first?

botemp Sat 14-May-16 20:06:55

We're talking face? First off my experience is with laser not IPL but I was told there had to be a minimum of 5 weeks between sessions, preferably 6-8 due to the growth cycle of your hairs, any shorter time in between would be a waste of money. I decided to go with laser rather than IPL because it gives better long term results but costs more and also hurts a fair amount more. I saw a significant reduction after the first few sessions as you are supposed to, about 60% less hairs in a growth cycle (it may be different with IPL). It's also important to note that facial hair is hormonal so it's very difficult to treat permanently especially if you have hormonal issues, I have PCOS so knew from the start that I'd need far more sessions than the average person as my growth cycle is heavily influenced by hormones so difficult to schedule appointment effectively and was warned that it might be a few sessions before I started seeing results, I was lucky to have such a quick noticeable result initially.

Also, don't be scared of shaving your face, it's a myth that it grows back darker and thicker it is simply from the way the end is cut, bluntly, that shaved hairs grow back differently (ie. they stick out and lack the thinner ends but if then removed from the follicle will grow exactly as before again). Use a bit of lotion or oil to shave with, it really isn't as terrible as it seems.

danni2016 Sun 15-May-16 01:12:43


Thanks for your replies, I am using a home IPL system (silk n epil). I am using it on the highest setting, it has a skin sensor.

Yes it's face but whilst it could be part hormonal (I'm 44) I think it's more genetic. The system I am using states to use once a fortnight for the first 3 - 4 treatments and then as and when needed.

My concern as I mentioned is that no hair so far appears to have shredded as of yet.

So do you mean if I shave and the IPL doesn't work then I can always go back to using my tweezers and it will be as it was before I started?

MattDillonsPants Sun 15-May-16 01:15:13

That product has VERY mixed reviews with some people saying it didn't work for them at all. OP I wouldn't risk it personally.

danni2016 Sun 15-May-16 04:52:04

But is it a risk you see if it doesn't work?

MattDillonsPants Sun 15-May-16 14:59:37

Some reviewers have said their skin is very red.

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