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Fake tan for!

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sugarmonster64 Sat 14-May-16 19:12:56

I need to fake tan for an event, I'm wearing a knee lengthy dress without tights and my legs are pale and fat. My arms are pretty much the same. Can you recommend an easy non streak light fake tan? I'm aiming for sun kissed rather than tango-ed


twobambinos Sat 14-May-16 20:03:42

I would recommend St tropez gradual tanner. You use it over a few days to build up to the desired level of tan. It comes in pale and medium dark.

Notthisnotthat Sat 14-May-16 20:12:53

I got St Tropez applied to me by my beautician, she exfoliated me first, and applied the tan and then buffed it. It was a great colour and faded well too. She recommended that over the spray tan as I have quiet dry skin and with a spray tan you have to do the exfoliation and moisturising before yourself and do it well.

NatalieRushman Mon 16-May-16 01:25:54

I recommend the fake bake mousse. It has a guide colour which is essential for newbies so you can tell where you've spread it, and it's one of the least messiest I've used. It also gives a very subtle tan - absolutely no orange. One piece of advice I have is to absolutely use a tanning mitt. I've never streaked with a tanning mitt, and it just makes the whole process generally easier. Also, make sure to exfoliate and moisturise well before applying the tan. And either make sure the moisturiser has dried out before tanning. Shave beforehand to avoid any colour coming off. But if you epilate or wax, leave plenty of time between the hair removal and tanning because I notice freshly empty hair follicles seem to absorb more tan.

bojorojo Mon 16-May-16 09:19:52

Go to a salon! Or use a gradual build up moisturising tan.

LazySusan11 Mon 16-May-16 10:05:42

Exfoliate shave and moisturise the day before you tan, xen tan and vita liberata make lovely tans with a good natural colour.

I'd have a practice run at least a week before if you have time, before applying your tan I put a very small amount of moisturiser on my heels toes knees and elbows so the colour doesn't grab too much.

A tanning mitt makes life easier but I also wear a glove underneath as some allow the tan to seep through.

I finish with my hands and then mix moisturiser and tan together to give a natural finish.

If in doubt go to a salon much easier!!

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