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Block heel sandals

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LucyLocketLostHerPocket Fri 13-May-16 23:15:51

I've found a pair if tan strappy sandals in my local New Look and really like them. I only have s small budget which is why I shop in New Look, am in my late forties and normally wear flats or wedges. These have a 3 inch block heel and in just wondering if they're actually fashionable this year as although I love them they're a bit grannyish.

Nettletheelf Sat 14-May-16 00:34:56

Block heels are fashionable at the moment. I just had a look at the website because I am nosy and I like a good shoe.

These are a bit mumsy:

These are nice:

These are bl**dy great and look posher than they are:

These are simple and chic, I think:

You won't look like a granny in these either:

Did I guess right?

IWasToldTheredBeCake Sat 14-May-16 01:00:20

I'm currently in the process of breaking in something like these (Marks and Spencer) so yes, they do seem all the fashion at the mo'. 3 inch block heels.

Lucy...I feel your pain. They hurt...but look great grin.

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