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I want a lovely, long lasting lipstick. I have a No 7 one in Brick Red which is brilliant, but want a more day to day one and don't like any of their other colours. Am after a sort of muted pinky, plum - does that even make sense?

StrawberrytallCake Fri 13-May-16 18:02:05

Try Charlotte Tillbury - only lipsticks I've ever found that don't look too garish in the daytime.

Yikes! Can't afford those!

Sorry - that was ungrateful. Thanks but £15 is probably the absolute tops.

StrawberrytallCake Fri 13-May-16 18:07:44

That's ok! Wow that is quite expensive isn't it? I had some for christmas presents this year.

My daughter was given one as a gift and absolutely loves it. I'm a lipstick eater/breaker/loser though and just couldn't justify it.

Defiant Fri 13-May-16 18:16:42

I love NYX lipsticks right now, especially the soft matte lip creams! I find they do last, just avoid eating anything greasy.

Thank you. Can they be bought in real shops?

Wagglebees Fri 13-May-16 18:30:23

Boots stock NYX now I think.

Defiant Fri 13-May-16 18:31:51

They have stands in quite a few Boots stores I think!

If you are able to get to a superdrug makeup revolution, MUA, sleek, freedom and GOSH all do lovely, inexpensive lipsticks that I (and many others) really really rate.


I have one MUA shade in every bag I possess and love it! It's not long-lasting though.

botemp Fri 13-May-16 18:42:57

Kiko do some great long lasting ones at affordable prices with lots of colour choices. I also find that if you use lip liner (no 7 and kiko both do good ones, just get one that matches your natural lip colour) across the entirety of the lip and then apply lipstick on top it makes most not so lasting lipsticks stay all day.

thiswayplease Fri 13-May-16 18:50:29

Lime Chime are amazing, you can get them on ebay/Amazon. I love this colour, cupid

cardoon Fri 13-May-16 18:52:42

Avon Perfectly Matte are very similar in texture to CT....only they last longer!

Thank you. I want real shops though - so hard to tell colours online.

cardoon Fri 13-May-16 19:30:21

You can order lots of lovely wee samples to try from ebay

SerialBodenReturner Fri 13-May-16 19:38:29

I just bought a couple of nice Revlon ones - champagne and blushed are both fairly subtle but 'enough' pinky colours. They were three for €20 on a plane but I'm sure they're not too much more than that in shops.

Do the Revlon ones need lots of retouching, or do they stay on for a good while? I really rate Revlon for nail varnish, but never tried their lipsticks.

dragonsarebest Fri 13-May-16 21:46:08

I'm really fussy with lipsticks, the only reasonably priced ones I've come across that I like are made by Sante. Think you can get them in health food shops etc, I found them in Berlin last year. Amazing.

They don't meet your brief but my favourite others are by Edward Bess, Chantecaille and By Terry. Do not dry out lips, fade evenly, feel nice on, last well. I have one shade by each of those brands that I properly love (and they have all now been dc - typical!!!). You could have a look at Lipstick Queen, they're more reasonable and nice shades but I find a tad drying. no help at all

sammy891 Fri 13-May-16 22:01:31

Mac lipsticks are great. Mehr is a muted pinky mauve colour on my lips.

Will look out for Sante in Germany this summer! In the meantime, will check out Mac. Thanks. smile

CremeBrulee Fri 13-May-16 22:13:56

I like the Tarte lipsurgence chunky lip crayons. Lovely matte colours that last all day.

IWasToldTheredBeCake Sat 14-May-16 01:03:41

I love MUA lipsticks Remus

The one shade that I go to every time is Rimmel "Asia". A lovely dusky pink with a creamy finish. Have about 3 of these in each make up bag.

Wagglebees Sat 14-May-16 01:27:45

I really rate Revlon lipsticks actually. They're as good as high end ones and are pretty long lasting. Can't recommend a shade that matches your description but they have the benefit of being everywhere to easy enough to have a look in person. Or do a search for Revlon swatches and see if any look close to what you're after.

MAC are a good bet and really do last. I love Chanel lipsticks and they'd definitely have your shade but they aren't really what you'd call long lasting.

BubsAndMoo Sat 14-May-16 07:14:57

I would definitely say check out Mac for your budget, huge range of shades. I really like the creamsheen formulations, comfortable and long wearing.

Chanel Coco Rouge are my all-time favourite lipstick but they are more expensive. Illamasqua and Lipstick Queen are my other go-tos.

Lime Crime looks really interesting - so thank you/damn you thiswayplease for posting that!

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