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Laser hair removal on legs and bikini area, any experiences?

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tyres Thu 12-May-16 18:22:28

I'm researching having this done as I have very thick dark leg hair which has plagued me all my life. Would be interested to hear if anyone has had it done professionally. How long does it last, how much does it cost etc? Thanks

botemp Thu 12-May-16 18:54:04

I've looked into it but found to get it done well (and somewhat permanently) was very expensive around £300 (laser not IPL) per session for just the bottom legs (I'm not in the UK though) and it went up significantly to do bikini area and parts of the upper thigh. They say 6-8 sessions but it's more likely to be 10-12. You'd need a top up session every year or so to keep it away. If I had way too much money I might consider it, I can afford it but I feel it's too much money now. I'm still hoping prices drop but I hardly see it budging with lasers.

I'm considering buying a Lumea now instead as I've had decent results with IPL in the past but it's not as permanent as laser (I've done this for face, v. happy with it).

EmGee Thu 12-May-16 21:17:29

I had my bikini line done years ago. Best money I have ever, ever spent. Now, I only have to get rid of the odd hair that grows back but honestly, the result was perfect. It got cheaper as the treatment progressed. Think it must have cost about 800 euros in total.

I would love to have my legs done too but pregnancies got in the way, and it was expensive enough for the bikini line (I went to a dermatologist just off the Champs Elysées!!!!).

I also have the Philips Lumea which has been dormant since pregnancies/kids came on the scene. It is nowhere near as good as going to a professional, but it got quite good results. My leg hair isn't as thick as it used to be despite me not using the thing since 2010.

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 12-May-16 21:21:12

It's amazing! I had my armpits and bikini done about 10 years ago and even after pregnancy only have a few random hairs. The best beauty thing I've ever done, only wish I had done it earlier! Do it.

learnermummy Thu 12-May-16 21:27:13

It is amazing. I had my armpits and bikini line done 10 years ago and only have the odd hair to deal with now. Legs would be quite a bit more expensive and only work if hair really dark. What I love about the underarms is there's no horrible dark shadow any more. Money well spent!

nickdrakeslovechild Thu 12-May-16 21:31:07

Woah, freeky cross post Learnermummy!!

Maraki Thu 12-May-16 21:51:39

I was very hairy with very dark hairs and really pale skin (best combination for laser apparently). I nearly cried when I was told to shave, the stubble was unbelievable.

I saved up and paid £1,400 to get everything done (full legs, bikini, tummy armpits) for 6 sessions.

I noticed bald patches after the second session and I needed 5 sessions in total. I was told to space them 6 weeks exactly apart.

I had my sixth session a year later but only because it was paid for. I have very, very few hairs, about 10-15 on each leg. These are fine and not coarse like how my hair used to be.

My treatments were done in 2006-2007 and there has not been any regrowth.

Because I was so hairy, my waxing wouldn't last more then 2 weeks, I was full of spots and ingrowns. All these cleared up and my skin is clear.

Best decision I ever made.

needfemaleadvice Thu 12-May-16 21:54:21

I'm a southern Asian gal and being hairy is a requirement to being SA. I tell my DH- if he wants me hairless he's going to have to do it himself. He gets so happy doing it( with a razor) and I get multiples later as a reward. Tbh he's amazing at it. It's like letting an artist create his work with you as the canvass.

needfemaleadvice Thu 12-May-16 21:55:28

If we have to do it for them then they should atleast get off their Arse and contribute... Some sort of twisted feminism...

needfemaleadvice Thu 12-May-16 22:00:54

I've just realised that this is the wrong thread. I have had too much wine earlier. Second thread in a row as well. Sorry OP, if there's a way to delete my comments please let me know.

tyres Fri 13-May-16 12:16:30

Ha ha needfemaleadvice, don't worry about your posts! Thanks for your responses everyone, I'm quite excited that people have had positive results. I've booked in for a consultation next week, so fingers crossed. I've got relatively pale skin and dark hair, sounds like the best combo.

RufusTheReindeer Fri 13-May-16 14:15:24

Would echo everyone else

I had my bikini line done about 5 years ago and no regrowth

I would love my armpits done but i am afraid of the pain blush

tyres Fri 13-May-16 15:59:59

Gah! Rufus, are you telling me it's painful?! shock

botemp Fri 13-May-16 16:17:23

In general the more delicate the skin/area the more painful. When they do my face the moustache area is a lot sharper pain wise (it's generally quick bursts that are very manageable). Bikini area is supposedly quite painful, especially the labia. Laser is more painful generally but more effective than IPL but there are some newer lasers that are supposed to be pain free. In all waxing is more painful though ime. However, it depends on how much hair you have and your pain threshold.

RufusTheReindeer Fri 13-May-16 17:06:40

Eeerrrmmm noooooo blush


You know that bit where James Bond is tied down and the bad guy is aiming a laser at his privates and James looks a bit concerned

Thats because its a fucking laser....aimed at his privates!!!!!

Only joking its not as bad as that although if i had a pound for everyone (who had never had it done) telling me it didnt hurt i would have about...£5

It is a bit painful the first few times but as they zap the hair and it doesnt grow back then it gets easier

And its the type of pain where when they stop...the pain stops so its not like it continues hurting

I did slap the lady doing it to me blush i asked her to stop for a second and she did....but she had a glint in her eye and i thought she was going to do it again

It is worth it though

RufusTheReindeer Fri 13-May-16 17:07:27

The lasering not the slap hmm

RufusTheReindeer Fri 13-May-16 17:07:53

Although now i think about it grin

chocoshopoholic Sat 14-May-16 06:47:59

Can anyone recommend somewhere in Cheshire / Manchester?

Dixxie Sat 14-May-16 07:05:47

I had my entire lady garden lasered. It is great. Not painful as they used anaesthetic gel to numb the area beforehand.

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