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What do you get done?

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BubsAndMoo Thu 12-May-16 15:07:17

Just wondering what treatments S&B posters get done...out of curiosity really and to see if there's anything out there I'm missing out on grin. Maintenance, 'medical' and just pampery type things, anything really that you pay someone else to do to you (without sounding dodgy!).

I get my bikini line Brazilian waxed with lycon hot wax every 4-6 weeks, although sometimes go through phases of letting it go wild or shaving it all off myself. DP doesn't mind whatever I do it so it's just how I fancy doing it.

Shellac pedicure monthly or so through the summer - always visit the chiropodist earlier in the year to sort out winter callusy feet first.

I used to get a Shellac manicure as well- not doing that at the moment but might go back to it, just wanted to find a better nail technician first which I have now. I can only get natural/French done for work but even then I just feel much more polished, and can still whack a colour on the top for a night out or weekend.

I used to get my eyebrows threaded but the last few months I've been a bit more dedicated with the maintenance tweezing strays almost daily in between and haven't needed to get them re-shaped recently.

I get a relaxing aromatherapy massage semi regularly - maybe 4-5 times a year. I see it as an investment in my mental health and general wellbeing smile. I also love the Elemis lime & ginger salt glow treatment I discovered last year, did it twice and think will do it again soon. Very indulgent but also feel like it was a fab deep all-over exfoliation, especially for my back that I neglect I think.

I don't get my hair done-cut it myself, it's long and it's not difficult. Also don't colour it at all. Am lucky it's a deep brown with very few greys (easily pickable out still) so staving off colouring for the time being.

I'm thinking of trying a lash lift, so if anyone gets that done I'd be very interested to hear.

Also starting to think about a big-girl facial.... with extractions and hi tech stuff.... I do a pretty thorough skincare routine myself but thinking that a professional job might help some specific areas I'm not happy with.

Soooo...... what about anyone else?

leedy Thu 12-May-16 15:42:30

I think of myself as fairly low maintenance, though now that I tot it up...

- Eyebrow threading every six weeks or so
- Professional hair cut and colour every two months or so
- Leg and bikini line (just regular bikini) waxed in Summer (in the winter months I go full Sasquatch unless I have some kind of dressy occasion)
- Shellac pedicures in Summer

oldlaundbooth Thu 12-May-16 16:29:51

Just a pedicure. Every two months, six weeks if its summer.

I also slap on some fake tan as soon as it's above 15 degrees.

Hair cut maybe every 2 years (no particular style really, and the colour is natural)

That's it.

AdoraKiora Thu 12-May-16 17:12:14

Eyebrows threaded and upper lip waxed (urgh) every 4-6 weeks.
Manicure every 10-14 days
Pedicure every 2 weeks in summer, every 6 weeks in winter
Colour my on hair at home every 4 weeks, cut at a salon 2-3 times a year (my hair really doesn't need all this 'trim every 6 weeks' malarkey).

I do my own body hair removal at home and fake tan all year round at home, too - spray tan for special occasions or holidays.

Rarely bother with facials. Maybe once a year? Have tried loads over the years nd they never have any real effect.

BUT...I have a smidgen of botox every 3-4 months and a smidgen of filler once a year-ish wink

Massage about 4 times a year (would love it more often, but can't afford it sad)

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