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Oh dear god I want comfy sandals.

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Dontyouopenthattrapdoor Thu 12-May-16 14:08:46

Just that really. I'm only 35!! But my feet are a bit shot from years of running and a ruptured plantar fascia a few years back. I live in Sketchers memory foam trainers all winter but what can I wear in summer that looks nice but that I can walk in without pain??

I'm not very glamorous, either flats or low kitten/ wedges heels about my limit, I'm also 5'11". I've just been googling orthopedic shoes but that made me feel about 90.

GibbousHologram Thu 12-May-16 14:11:25

I love ballet flats and flip flops made by crocs. THEY DONT LOOK LIKE CROCS.

Loads on Amazon.

LMGTFY Thu 12-May-16 14:14:41

Hush puppies nishi t-strap. Recommended on a thread the other week. Absolutely gorgeously comfy.

LMGTFY Thu 12-May-16 14:16:18

I'm 35 and I think they're lovely!

Libitina Thu 12-May-16 14:18:06

Birkenstocks? They'll give your feet fantastic support too.

Dontyouopenthattrapdoor Thu 12-May-16 14:36:32

Oh. Oh. I love those hush puppies. Off to look at the other suggestions now.
I've only just realised how expensive this thread might be!!

harryhausen Thu 12-May-16 14:54:00

Croce flip flops saved my life. My feet rub in virtually anything it's so depressing but crocs flip flops are great.

JeopardyMouse Thu 12-May-16 14:55:32

Have you seen El Naturalista ones? They are super comfy and don't look at all bad.

JapanNextYear Thu 12-May-16 14:56:44

Hush puppies had loads that I liked last year, clarks can be worth a look too.

LadyAntonella Thu 12-May-16 15:03:14

Just read this thread and bought some croc flip flops - I swore I would never buy crocs! The power of the s&b board. wink

averythinline Thu 12-May-16 15:06:16

My podiatrist recommended these :

haven't ordered mine yet as my birkenstocks seem to be ok for me...(unfortunately cant wear my saltwaters anymore)

AnotherEmma Thu 12-May-16 15:06:41


I've had several pairs over the years and I live in them over the summer.

I've had plantar fasciitis too.

northerngoldilocks Thu 12-May-16 15:08:27

Saltwater sandals are lovely and the comfiest ever

JulesJules Thu 12-May-16 15:14:24

Birkies here - I have PF as well.

burnishedsilver Thu 12-May-16 15:14:52

Fit Flops. If you have a look on their website they don't all look like fit flops. Some of the look like regular sandals. You cant beat them for comfort.

WakeUpFast Thu 12-May-16 15:19:40

I'm 33 and have the same problem. I need flat comfortable shoes. Apparently the shoes i bought and linked wouldn't be touched by a barge pole even by 70 year olds 😂😂

So I'm watching this thread, very closely!

polyhymnia Thu 12-May-16 15:21:20

Yes another vote here for Fitflops, very carefully chosen.

JulesJules Thu 12-May-16 15:21:34

Those Strive sandals look great

SealSong Thu 12-May-16 15:27:16

El naturalista, and Art Company sandals are very comfortable and great quality.

AnotherEmma Thu 12-May-16 15:30:36

You could also look at Teva, they have a variety of sandals from very stylish to very sensible! But on the whole I think they're pretty good-looking as far as comfy sandals go. I might try some and see if how they compare to my beloved Birkies!

AnotherEmma Thu 12-May-16 15:30:49

Link fail #doh

averythinline Thu 12-May-16 15:34:07

Its such a shame I loved my saltwaters but podiatrist said not enough support for my knackered trying the 3 strap birkenstocks as recommended on another thread

twilightcafe Thu 12-May-16 15:35:52

Traditional two-strap Birkenstocks for me.

nickEcave Thu 12-May-16 15:56:49

How can Birkenstocks be good for your feet if you suffer from PF? Honest question as I used to wear them and had to stop as I was getting terrible pains in my feet. I can now only wear shoes that actually attach onto the foot somehow. Don't you have to "claw" your feet to hold Birkenstocks on?

MissBattleaxe Thu 12-May-16 16:01:29

Clark's are getting very stylish these days. They are the only brand of shoes I feel comfortable in and I can only wear flats because of an old ankle injury.

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