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Birthday Party invitation

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Policom123 Wed 11-May-16 18:10:23

Hi, I recently fall out with a parent at school, but our girls are very close, my girl will be having a party and I invite half class, her little girl ask me for a invite as she really wants to go, I say yes and told her mother that if she doesn't mind I don't! My daughter come tell me this morning that her daughter come tells her that her mom throw the invitation in the bin and ask if she could have another, I m really hope she doesn't turn up at party, but as we fall out last year because she didn't have common sense( she was requesting play dates at my house like 4 times a week, and I just started working and go to college after been a stay home mum, and thought I entertained her and her bunch all summer, she come tell me I was taking too much and neglecting my kids, so I told her that I don't want her near my house). Anyway should I say something about the invitation? I don't talk to her, but if she turns up( really hope not) should I mention?

YouSay Wed 11-May-16 18:16:08

No say nothing. Most of the invitations my dc bring home go in the bin once I have noted the details. It's no big deal.

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