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PP body -summer holiday- how do I dress it?!

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Firstmum24 Wed 11-May-16 13:37:05

Used to be a skinny mini size ten (slim but with decent hips and shoulder width) but put on a whopping 35lbs during pregnancy with PFB- I had polyhydromnios so my bump was massive.
Now, 7months postpartum my legs are looking slimmer, arms more shapely and busy reduced to normal size (34dd) however I have a huge "c-shelf" the top half of my stomach is slowly but surely becoming more toned but my lower stomach is all loose skin and fat that hangs in a whopping flap.
I was taken on a shopping trip by DM but was in tears as everything I picked up looked horrendous on. I have come to realise that my style has to change to facilitate my stomach now.
So what do I wear? Does anyone have any fail safe styles they feel confident in?

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