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Thought I'd sussed my bra size

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Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 11:08:20

Was wearing 36GG. Bought a few bras all okay. Weight went up a few pounds, bras worn a fair few weeks, weight down a couple of pounds. Trouble now with side bits digging in and it doesn't sit right against chest wall. (M&S fitter said don't always get that. I feel she's wrong as I have at times.)

Just lent forward, albeit wearing a bra, and measured 40" across my breasts and 34" below.

Completely stumped.

I feel the back needs to be a bit bigger, but not the cups. Tried, I think, a 38G but you could get a courgette down the middle part. Completely sure I might have that size wrong though.

RebeccaWithTheGoodHair Wed 11-May-16 11:22:17

Don't go to M&S! The worst fitters in the world can be found there!

If you need to go to a High Street store then try Debenhams, they seem much more professional and respectful there.

But really if you possibly can then use a lingerie shop. They often have terrible names (Linda May sort of thing) and always seem to be run by short women with enormous chests but they know their stuff and generally have something to suit al budgets/styles.

GunShotResidue Wed 11-May-16 12:03:41

Hopefully the experts will be along soon, but I think measuring 34 underbust means you should try a 34 back size. Maybe try 34G/H?

CMOTDibbler Wed 11-May-16 12:07:45

Measure again, no bra and leaning right over. You def need to be in a 34 back (though possibly even a 32 if M&S thought a 36), and it should fit flat at the front

bluebiro Wed 11-May-16 12:22:43

The measuring method is here:

Essentially, you need to measure under your bust, pulling the tape quite firmly - that is the bra band measurement (none of this "add 4 inches" nonsense that M&S etc still do). If you're between sizes, then probably size down. Then measure around your boobs while leaning forward (with no bra on). Then work out your size - you could post your measurements here. You may need to try a few different styles and a few sizes around your starting point to get your perfect bra. Go to a Bravissimo if you can.

I'm sure you need to go up in the cup size and down in the band size. If your current bra feels too tight it's probably because the cups are too small and your boobs are "stealing" fabric from the band.

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 13:06:16

I have measured a 32 but no way would I buy smaller than a 36 now as I have asthma and need to breathe and a 32 nearly killed me. I'm quite fat too. Sadly there's nowhere near by that measures other than M&S but I'd never go there. I've tried Rigby and Peller, Bravissiomo and Leia and wouldn't go back.

I'll remeasure when I get changed but I feel the cups are okay but the band is too tight confused.

Getting the central gore to sit flat requires 3 things:
-big enough cups
-cups with enough space on the inside edge for your breasts (some are designed for breasts which point outwards)
-a tight enough band to pull the gore against your ribs

Measuring 34" underneath you should be wearing a 34 band, which won't in any way inhibit your breathing! M&S bras are generally shit quality and badly sized so it's hard to draw any conclusion from their sizing.

The overbust measurement needs to be done braless - the bra will be making it artificially small I suspect as a 40" overbust would be swimming in a 36gg (which is designed for someone measuring 36 under and 46 over, roughly) - can you measure it again braless?

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 13:32:22

Not all my bras are M&S and actually only two are and they are fine. Just checked and I've got one of theirs on, 36GG, and it is okay. It's older ones in that size from a different shop that seem too small. I will measure later. I can't do it until DH is home.

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 13:32:55

Sorry, forgot to say thank you very much.

Bras are a bit like jeans - totally blinking inconsistent sizing! :D

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 14:18:10

I've learnt that recently!

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 14:25:59

Just measured. 45" and 40". Cups look fine but there are red marks under my right arm and upwards and a much smaller red mark on my left side.

bluebiro Wed 11-May-16 17:51:19

That would indicate 40DD. Are you sure it's 40" underneath though? You said 34" in your first post.

Goingtobeawesome Wed 11-May-16 19:01:02

The first one was with my bra on.

I am quite fat blushsad.

bluebiro Wed 11-May-16 20:19:35

No, you're fine, I didn't mean to make you feel bad! I just wondered about the different numbers, that's all. Hope you manage to find a decent bra smile

The underbust measurement should be taken braless, standing up and with the tape pulled tight - just checking as 34 to 40 does seem quite a jump but taking the underbust whilst leaning distorts it quite badly IME!

The overbust makes a lot more sense given your current bra size though!

Goingtobeawesome Thu 12-May-16 07:17:51

Underbust, stood up is 36". I might get chance to go bra shopping today so would really appreciate what sizes I should try please.

36 and 45 is a start point of 36g

Some marks are kind of normal, it's like you get with the top of socks. However I'm getting the feeling that these marks are sore rather than just there iyswim.

I'm wondering if the issue is as much shape as size - there's a huge variety of cup and wire shapes out there. Can you have a look at your breasts and try to see whether they:
- have a big or small gap between them in the centre
- are mainly on the front of your body or go quite far under your arms
- are fuller on the top or bottom of the breast

The bra that's causing you discomfort, can you pop it on and scoop thoroughly and then have a feel and see where the wires are sitting relative to your breast tissue - especially under the arms. Is the wire om soft breast tissue, running just outside it or is there a gap?

Sorry lots of questions but it might help to narrow down what's wrong.

Goingtobeawesome Thu 12-May-16 09:35:43

It is uncomfortable by the evening and I've been known to get in my dressing gown at 7.

I think small gap, don't go under my arms at all and are equal though one is a little bigger than the other like many women.

When I scoop it makes the bottom part of the bra stick out so I have to pull it down again.

Ok that's quite helpful. It sounds like your breasts are probably quite full at the bottom and relatively narrow rooted. This may be the cause of a lot of the issues.

Imagine a glass and a bowl which can both hold the same volume of water but one is wide and shallow and one is narrow and tall. Your boobs are the glass. Your bra, by the sounds of it, is a bowl. So your bra cups don't have enough space where you need it - it the bottom of the cups and at the inside of the cups near the gore but have excess at the outside. When you try to scoop your breasts to where they belong then the wires have to either slide down so your boobs are in the fuller part of the cup, or lift up to make space.

You will probably get on better with cleo and panache brand wise although their cuts vary considerably. Something like the cleo marcie might be good as might the cleo lily, lottie, Minnie, millie ,maya, pixie abd izzy. That list are basically all the sane bra in different fabrics and trims. Panache idina and floris might work too as might some bravissimo own brand bras.

When you are trying on, make sure you scoop fully as you'll find a bra which fits well post scoop to be way more comfortable. If the wires are sitting below your boobs- rather than in the fold where they join your body- then it's likely designed for people who are a different shape. Try googling "orange in a glass bra" and you'll get some pics showing what I mean. If the gore doesn't tack then try a cup up but also bear in mind it can be a fundamental shape issue

Goingtobeawesome Thu 12-May-16 11:47:29

I tried to log in while out but couldn't remember password. In the past I've never ended up in a bra that I measured as and I'm finding what fits well when I buy doesn't last for as long as I'd expect.

Didn't have time to go far so I tried Asda, BHS, sainsburys and M & S.

Tried 40DD in Asda. Lovely round the back. Boobs pushed together and up. Not right. Unless auditioning for a porn film.

BHS tried 40DD. Initially looked possible until I realised the middle bit was stuck out and also they made the tops look very full. Tried another but can't remember size.

M&S randomly tried a 40C. No idea why and didn't fit. Only 36GG they had was the same as I was wearing so didn't bother trying. Plus lady wasn't very welcoming.

Sainsbury's - not a single 36GG at all but lots of 40's if anyone needs them.

Have lost 3lbs this week so will manage this week and then see again when I have time to go to better shops. Thanks everyone.

36G or GG?

Oh, and can I buy online? Never done that before.

36g is the starting point but that's all it is, you will probably want to try sizes around it.

If you have close set breasts - I do too- then plunge bra can very easily become port star looking! I have to be careful as I can easily end up with acres of cleavage.

If your standing underbust is 36 then a 40 band won't work properly, and given that you have decent sized boobs you are likely to end up with back pain as the straps rather than the band will be doing the work which leads to hunching and back pain.

Definite yes to ordering online, just be prepared for some trying and returning. Brastop are good, for cleo and panache check out my curves and me who often have bargains.

Goingtobeawesome Thu 12-May-16 12:37:36

Thank you very much. It was so much easier buying bras before I had children.

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