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bra sizing help needed

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ScienceRocks Tue 10-May-16 22:51:37

Please can someone help me with working out my bra size?

I've lost quite a bit of weight and my bras (34C but probably two years old) aren't fitting. I did the measurements as described on the better bra website and came up with 30D as my size (31 under bust, 35 over). I was a bit surprised as my current bras are certainly loose around the band but have quite a bit of space inside. Still, I thought I'd give it a go and tried on a 30d today (Calvin Klein brand if that makes a difference) and it was not right at all with bulges everywhere! Tried 32c as well but no joy there either.

Could it be the bra make? I usually buy from m&s, but don't rate their fitting service so don't want to ask there.

Any ideas? Am I doing it all wrong? All help gratefully received!

randomsabreuse Tue 10-May-16 22:57:16

Basically the cup size is relative to the back size so the cup of a 30D would be the same as a 32C or a 34B.

Back size is your chest measurement and it should start very tight. Once you know the back size then you can tell if the cup works.

To suss your back size try on the bra backwards - cups at back - and you should be able to get 2 fingers in the band on the loosest hook.

Bulges suggests the cup is too small so try 30E or F next.

ScienceRocks Wed 11-May-16 07:26:32

Ok, thank you. I was bulging over at the sides and it gave me back fat (which I didn't think I had). In my current bra, I have lots of space inside the cups, if you know what I mean.

I'll try bigger cup sizes in the 30 band -perhaps in a different make -,and see how I get on.

Calvin Klein sizing tends to be small, but your measurements suggest around a 30DD as a starting point - backfat and bulges generally means the cup isn't big enough as you should be able to scoop it all in to the cup.

A 34C is designed for someone who measures 34 under and 37 over, which is why you have space in the cups!

ScienceRocks Wed 11-May-16 16:12:46

That's very helpful, thank you so much. Tracking down a 30DD bra sounds tricky though. Any idea where to start?

ScienceRocks Wed 11-May-16 16:14:05

And you are right about the band size - I put my best fitting bra on backwards and could fit both hands under the band and still pull it away from my body quite a way! It's not even two years old!

ScienceRocks Wed 11-May-16 16:17:09

Just looked on the m&s site and they have quite a few in 30DD. If that doesn't fit, which way do I go in terms of band and cup size?

ScienceRocks Wed 11-May-16 16:21:13

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just frustrated at wearing the wrong bra size angry

EarlGreyTeaPlease Wed 11-May-16 16:22:27

Have a look on the Bravissimo website, I am sure they will have fitting advice for buying on line. Or get to one of their stores if you can, their fitting service is good.

parmalilac Wed 11-May-16 16:32:28

Whatever your measurement, you will surely find that different brands vary greatly! I have a drawer full of bras which all fit me yet have wildly varying size labels....

M&S tbh aren't great either. You might find it better to look at some of the better d+ bra brands like Freya, Panache, Cleo, Curvy Kate, Bravissimo etc. They all start at 28 and generally at a D cup.

Broken1Girl Wed 11-May-16 23:48:14

I would try 32D and 30DD.
The 34C is 'the same' cup size as the above but the shape will be different, and as the band is too big it won't hold you in properly, so having space in the cups doesn't necessarily mean they're too large. (As Statistically said).
Brastop is a good site.

I generally find that sister sizing only really works for 1 band/cup - it seems to be more like 3 cups for 2 bands because of differences in shape etc.

ScienceRocks Thu 12-May-16 07:04:48

I have a couple of department stores nearby so will try some of those brands and sizes there.

Any views on rigby and peller?

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