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How to get long fluttery eyelashes...

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Romcom Tue 10-May-16 20:33:27

Saw a friend today who lives abroad and has subtle yet amazing eyelash inserts. She looked so 'done' even with no make up on.
I imagine they are v prices to upkeep, any experience? I'm hopeless at applying normal falsies. I've tried eyelash serum before but it didn't do much....
Thanks in advance

biscuitkumquat Tue 10-May-16 20:41:05

You can get LVL, which is, essentially lash perming, which makes them look much longer, and because they're dyed at the same time, do don't need mascara. That's around £40.

Or you can get eyelash extensions, which will last for as long as they eyelash is attached (but you can get top-ups), which is around £100.

Or, if you've never had lashes before, you could get weekend lashes (essentially they glue either individual or cluster lashes on. Usually last around a week. Usually around £20.

However, it depends on the individual which would be best. The only problem with extensions is that you have to be careful how you sleep (you don't want to crush them), and if they twist around they are remarkably uncomfortable.

LadyAntonella Tue 10-May-16 20:54:17

I had extensions done once and they were fine for the first week or so. After that I wanted to cut the bastards off! They became uncomfortable and looked worse as they grew out. They do start to fall out naturally but I just constantly felt as if there was a weight on my eyelashes. It wasn't a horror story by any means (there are plenty of those online). There was nothing wrong with them per se, but it was enough to make me vow never get them again.

Holymoly321 Wed 11-May-16 10:44:58

I've had eyelash extensions before. They cost me £45 initially and then £30 every three weeks. I absolutely loved them. They made my eyes look amazing! However, after getting them done every few weeks for about four months, I developed blepharitis and had to stop using them. You cannot properly keep your eyelash line clean with them on as that would loosen the extensions. I was gutted as my natural lashes were horribly short and stubby and so going from long lovely lashes to horrible stubs literally overnight was a horrible horrible experience! I had tried all kinds of serum in the past including Mavala and Rapidlash but nothing worked. However, I have now invested in Revitalash - it's about £100 for 3 months supply, but I am now about 7 weeks in and it has most definitely made a huge difference. My lashes are not 'glamour girl or fake long', but they are noticeably longer - and they look great with ordinary mascara. Would absolutely recommend!

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