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What would you pack?

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purplebiro Tue 10-May-16 16:31:06

Going to Andalucia for 8 days towards the end of September and trying to plan as much as I can as possible - mostly because I really enjoy the planning process - and looking for ideas on packing list.

We'll be flying in, hiring a car and driving to a glamping (yes, I hate the word, but I love the concept) place in the countryside with a pool. Staying there for 4 nights and planning on mixing up lazing by the pool with day/half day trips. Dinners will be either at local (nice but not smart/posh) restaurants or basic self catering.

After that we'll drive on to an apartment in Granada for another four nights - days then to be spent exploring the city (in as relaxed fashion as possible), visiting the Alhambra, maybe a trip to the mountains for some walking. Dinner will similarly be at local restaurants or self catering.

We are me, my partner (although he can look after himself - clothes and toiletries wise, that's his look out) and our will-then-be 15.5 month old, who I expect to be walking by then (she's already cruising, so...). We're pretty casual peeps - last time I wore heels was at a wedding, time before that a job interview - and I'm really keen to pack light just for ease of moving about/faff etc. Plus it's Spain - they have everything we have here if we really need to buy it. We'll take the buggy, a sling and the car seat (travel cot provided in both places and car hire company wanted a small fortune to hire a seat) but everything else is up for grabs...

So what would you pack?

DelphiniumBlue Tue 10-May-16 21:59:34

Insect repellent, long sleeved thin shirts. Can be quite hot still in September but might be chillier in the evenings. But loads of mozzies, particularly glamping in the countryside.

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