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Anyone had their lips enhanced? (filled)

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JosephinesBornApart Mon 09-May-16 22:06:40

Okay , my lips have never been full and now I'm 60 they are skinny, mean looking and turning down at the corners. The rest of my face is good. Have chatted to a dr about my lips and it would be very low key, no trout lips and not permanent of course. I see women who've had it done pressing ice packs to their faces and they are told the initial swelling is awful. Is it? How long did you get between top ups?

Becoolio Mon 09-May-16 22:34:20

I had a small amount of filler the first time and the effect was good but only lasted a couple of months. The next time I had double the amount and I did resemble Pete Burns for a few days. I was shocked every time I looked in the mirror. They did calm down and now look fine a few months on.

I would pick a time when you are not working or going out for a few days. The first time I had horrible bruising that still showed through make-up and I had a night out where I told everyone I had been to the dentist confused. I had smaller bruises the second time but definitely looked odd for a few days although the dc didn't notice. I did not have 'awful swelling'. It seemed that the filler needed a couple of days to settle.

orangeistheonlyfruit Tue 10-May-16 08:53:30

I've had it done and the effects lasted a full year with the filler and I don't need to have it again due to the filler stuff starting up my own lips collagen production again. They are not as full as with the filler but no where near as thin as before I had them done.

I had no bruising at all save for a small darkish patch but when wearing a berry lipstick (which will look excellent ok newly filled lips!) you could not see it at all. My husband never knew I had them done.

They do look very very swollen for 24 hours after having them done though so expect to spend time alone in the house during that time. The swelling is not only the lips it is also the skin around them. They will also be tender when drinking and eating etc.

I would highly recommend it, it is not expensive for a year of results.

JosephinesBornApart Tue 10-May-16 18:23:57

Thanks for the information. I've had cheek fillers done before a few times and was very pleased. It just took the flatness out of my cheeks and has lasted about 15 months each time. It was agony, because the injections have to go deep to avoid lumpiness, I don't mind saying, and I did get redness and burning for a few days. I had them done by one of the best in the UK . I'm tempted because my mouth looks so shrivelled and old lady compared to the rest of my face. I'm a bit worried about getting back home though on public transport with Mick Jagger lips.

ImBrian Tue 10-May-16 19:54:32

I'm getting mine done in a couple of weeks. I'm planning on only getting 0.5ml initially to see what I think. I'm a bit nervous about how much it's going to hurt though!

ExtraMushroomsPlease Tue 10-May-16 21:52:36

I had mine done on Thursday had 1ml in. Wish I knew how to post pics as I would show you. Mine were swollen but not awfully so went to work the next day and nobody said anything, make up covered the bruising. By today (5 days on) swelling has gone and look natural. Really happy with them and wasn't painful at all.

ImBrian Wed 11-May-16 20:33:24

Did you get a dental block? Mine uses the cream but I don't think it's particularly effective. To

phoolani Thu 12-May-16 00:35:23

Mouth turning down - do the face yoga move smile, stick tongue out trying to touch your nose, then out at each side as if trying to touch your ears. No idea whether it works on a permanent basis, but it gives an instant uplift.

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