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Double denim disaster?

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trevortrevorslatterfry Mon 09-May-16 16:35:13

Hello mighty S&B gurus! Please could you possibly help me?

I want to get some clothes for a kind of capsule wardrobe.
I have seen a lovely denim shirt dress and also a lovely soft denim shirt. And an A-line button-up denim skirt, but I am rapidly going off the skirt after reviewing the photo I took in the changing room at lunchtime.
I also have jeans already.

Is this too much denim for one person? I would not double up as am not young enough to get away with double-denim (40) and am mentally scarred by Debbie Gibson and Tiffany from my youth but could I mix these things up for a few different looks with other stuff?

I've had a look at Putting Me Together blog and like the idea of getting a few different-looking outfits out of a couple of base items, but have no idea really how to do it. I have ankle boots and also black brogues, black skinny trousers, a navy silk shirt.. thinking of getting some of those white slip-on trainers to wear with denim dress/bare legs.. other than that at a total loss as I am the least stylish person in history.

I am 5ft tall size 8 with a big bum and chunky legs but small waist and no boobs, and I don't do heels. I have short hair and am not remotely girly. (What a catch grin)

I know this is a massive cheekyrequest so if there's a good source of inspiration you could recommend feel free to point me there.

Thankyou in advance flowers

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