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Talk to me about tights?

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Dakin1 Mon 09-May-16 14:40:10

Starting a new office job soon and this may sound ridiculous but I know nothing about tights.

I assume it would be unprofessional not to wear them with skirts and dresses?

Is it true they must contrast with your skirt? So a black skirt should go with nude tights?

If you are wearing nude tights how would anyone know if you are wearing them or not? Are nude tights even acceptable?

Can you wear black tights with black shoes?

What denier? What makes are the best?

Any advice welcome, Thank you!

Lozzamas Tue 10-May-16 01:37:12

No rules in my world - I tend to wear black in the winter and nude in the Summer and no tights once I have some leg colour. Rarely do I contrast. I tend to go for black or Navy skirts and if it's Winter they'll be with black tights and shoes. My favourites are Falke - I like their sheer Matt 12 denier (Shelina) but they're expensive, so I find pretty polly or M&S quite ok everyday and keep Falke for occasions.

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