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If your a size 18-20, what do you wear?

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bunnie1975 Mon 09-May-16 12:17:44

I am 5'5 and hourglass shaped, zero fashion sense, zero style, I live in joggers/jods/hoodies.
Norks are a 36 GG, I find NYDJ are the only ones that fit, but are soooo expensive. I hate drawing attention to myself so basically hide under baggy clothes, which make me look even bigger!
Help me please!!!

wonderpants Mon 09-May-16 12:27:00

I wear a lot of tunics with leggings with cardigans, scarves and boots when it is cold!

Not quite worked out summer. Rolled up girlfriend jeans, and a vest tunic with sunglasses today. Linen trousers, maxi dresses also in the wardrobe.

I used Pinterest and googled plus size wear, just to see that chunkier girls can wear outfits and accessories put together!

Mumonthesofa Mon 09-May-16 12:36:50

Tunics and leggings here too, or casual knee length dresses, either with tights and boots or bare legged (shock horror) and pumps. I am no style icon though!

knowler Mon 09-May-16 13:41:33

There's no need to hide under baggy clothes. Plus this will make you look bigger. IMO, unstructured 'athleisure' casual stuff isn't going to be your best look. go for things with a tiny bit more structure, or good quality jersey that fits and flatters. I find summer dressing more difficult, but would recommend some good jeans: boyfriend or girlfriend in 7/8 length or rolled up a bit above ankle, breton tops are always a winner, some good quality t-shirts in a low V, jersey dresses (not empire line - these IME emphasis the tummy rather than 'skimming' it).

don't know what your budget is, but have a look at Boden for a 'safe' start away from the jods/joggers as they go up to a size 20 or 22 for some ideas of outfits.

slinkysaluki Mon 09-May-16 16:26:20

I'm 6ft and a size 18. I dread the summer months, I'm a pear so prefer longer tops and kimonos to cover my ample arse. Skinny jeans make me look like a parsnip, boot cut are much better for me. I do wear boyfriend jeans with vans/Birkenstocks and long shirts. Blazers are good too, more fitted clothes look better on . I do wear small heels when I go out, not too high as i tend to tower over most people anyway which draws attention unfortunately but not much I can do about my height. Maxi dresses are good as well with nice flat sandals.

feelingmiffed Mon 09-May-16 16:35:32

I'm taller at nearly 5ft 8 but also a size 18-20.

I've always worn jeans, cardis, vest tops etc. This year I've decided that I'm fed up of feeling like a frump so I've bought myself some lovely skater style dresses to wear with leggings/ jeggings, tunic tops, nice sandals

chelsbells Mon 09-May-16 16:48:51

I'm 5ft6, size 18, hour glass shape.
This weekend I have worn pretty dresses, cut to just above the knee with a denim jacket / denim waistcoat with dolly shoes - leggings too while it was chillier. This summer will consist of the above plus maxi dresses/skirts and linen trousers.

When it's normal weather I tend to wear skinny jeans and dollies, peplum tops or cami vests with a coloured cardigan over, and a light scarf. Also got lots of v neck jumpers in bold colours.

Agree with others, baggy clothes will only make you look bigger, fitting clothes to your curves is the way forward.

I tend to shop in Dorothy Perkins, new look, fat face - safe bets that I will find something that fits and flatters!

hollinhurst84 Mon 09-May-16 17:00:07

16-18 hourglass
Summer - dresses or split maxi skirts with a vest, sometimes a kimono type light jacket over
Winter - more dresses, or jeans and vest with v neck top and blazer
Basically I own about 75 dresses and that's what I live in grin

iseenodust Mon 09-May-16 17:07:49

Same shape and 5ft4. Ditch the baggy clothing !
Horizontal stripes are your friend - go try some stripey, reasonably fitted tops on. I tend to wear cropped trousers/jeans.
I read somewhere all those 3/4 sleeves are good for hourglass as they finish by your waist when your arms are down.
For work/going out shift dresses that finish below the knee. If I'm feeling self-conscious about the arms with a short jacket or shrug.

ThinkPinkStink Mon 09-May-16 17:32:16

Ooo this thread is right up my street. I'm a size 16 (bottom half) and 18 (top half) - 5ft 4" - my bigger top half can make me look pretty frumpy. BUT what I LOVE is a capsule wardrobe (it is the only thing stopping me looking like a walking jumble-sale).

I tend to buy a few nice quality more tailored pieces (often from Jaeger in the sale) and then fill in the gaps with plain pieces from M&S and H&M. I really believe that tailored pieces are more flattering even when I want to hide under an oversized t-shirt.

I get a two capsule wardrobes per year (one in the autumn/winter, one in the spring/summer).

It feels pretty guilt inducing luxurious spending a bulk of cash in one go, but I think it works out better value than buying mix and match clothes over the course of the year.

First I choose my colours for that season, last winter it was navy and mustard, this summer it's navy and coral, so everything kinda goes together over the course of the year to suck-up Autumn and Spring. Lots of stuff passes on from year to year and I have a stock of scarves and jewellery.

Example winter wardrobe:

* Tailored navy 3/4 length coat - I got mine from And Other Stories (they go up to size 16/18 but come up big)
* Longline cashmere cardi (in mustard, £30 down from £79 in the M&S sale)
* Very light weight box pleat skirt (in navy, £45 down from £99 in Jaeger sale) - it's important it's light weight as heavy pleats would fan out around my hips like some kind of exotic lizard
* Two or three 3/4 length sleeve tops (M&S) which only ever wear under a jacket or cardigan, two with breton stripes, one in plain navy
* Boxy almost cropped jumper (M&S) to be worn over long tops, obv.
* Long silky shirt (M&S)
* Tailored white shirt (Cos)
* Shift dress with some stretch (Cos)
* Black skinny jeans (M&S)
* Black overknee boots (Clarks wide calf)
* Tan brogues (Clarks Hamble Oak)
* Thick black tights

Example summer wardrobe:

* Light weight trench coat (I've had an expensive one from Jaeger for five years, I got a new cheaper and lighterweight one from M&S this year) - I NEVER do this up as I'd look like a taupe sausage
* A bright/light pair of chinos (which can be rolled up for a summery look) (M&S)
* A few pairs of patterned harem style pants (M&S)
* A few plain (no pattern, not ribbed, no lace) thick strapped vest / short sleeved tops
* Plain (not pattern, not ribbed, maybe pretty buttons) cardigan (never fully done up, one button under the bust only)
* Kimono style top
* Loose fitting, very fine wool deep v-beck jumper (to wear over other tops, very fine knit is important to reduce bulk)
* Ballet pumps (£16 from TopShop)
* Patterned blazer (M&S)
* Converse (while low rise Chucks)
* Sandals (I haven't got these yet, maybe I'll get some Birkenstocks)

I realise I've written FAR too much above - but I guess what I wanted to say is that, I'm a bit rounder than I'd like, I don't have the run of all the shops (so many stop at size 14/16) BUT by using a capsule approach I have found I really like shopping and really enjoy my clothes. Which is such a relief after years of kinda hating it smile

I'm 5'4 and a 18-20 and look awful in baggy clothes. I do have an hourglass shape (albeit a fat one) so prefer well fitted clothes but not too formal. Today I'm wearing cropped slim fit chinos with skater pumps and a fitted tee but I'm mostly living in girlfriend jeans and fitted vests with summer cardigans. I find a pleat front vest most flattering.

On holiday I'll wear eithe maxi skirts and vest/cardi combo, well fitted dress or cropped chinos and shirts. I also find shirt dresses quite flattering.

issynoho Mon 09-May-16 17:47:03

Would love recommendations for cropped chinos or similar for work. Size 20, bum, tum, thighs, the lot. 5'9" though. Maybe a bit of stretch?

fieldfare Mon 09-May-16 18:39:13

I'm a similar shape. 5'6" size 18/20, 36g bust.

I don't work in an office so have no need to dress formally. But casually I'm dressing in ankle length chinos (Gap), loose shell tops, calf length cotton trousers, shaped but not too tight thin cotton tee's and dresses - knee length, shirt style, belted waist, short sleeve.

fieldfare Mon 09-May-16 18:40:41

Issynoho I got mine from Gap in a regular length for 31" leg, I'm sure they did long length if your extra height to me is in your legs.

Gap for chinos here too but I've found a few pairs on Sainsburys lately.

slinkysaluki Mon 09-May-16 19:27:57

Next do larger sized chinos for £20

bunnie1975 Tue 10-May-16 10:25:26

Thanks everyone, you have givn me some lovely ideas I would NEVER have thought off. Living on a working farm & being either with horses/children or at rugby means I just don't bother making effort, but I am going to try.

Catmuffin Tue 10-May-16 10:29:12

I wear straight leg jeans from marks, long t shirts, long cardis.

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