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tangled hair disaster every day

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hydrangea78 Mon 09-May-16 10:50:47

Does anyone have any wonder products??
I have medium length fine blonde hair that I wash every morning but have no time for anything else other than to quickly run a brush through. However that alone is such an ordeal. My hair is just so knotted.
I shampoo and condition and spray some aussie leave-in conditioner in, then wrap in towel turban whilst doing make-up, before running a tangle teezer through it, but it's still very difficult and sometimes I just have to abandon.
I get the ends cut every 8-10 weeks. Last time I went to the hairdresser they advised me not to brush it until it's dried.. but thats not practical for me.
I suppose I'm looking for a great detangling conditioner or spray?

Have you ever tried co-washing? Its normally recommended for curly hair but Palmers do a nice Co wash product that's like a really light conditioner which works a treat on my long straight hair and makes it much easier to manage.

hydrangea78 Mon 09-May-16 11:02:31

Oooh that's interesting! Had to google. Will try thanks!

jasmine1979 Mon 09-May-16 13:25:00

Can you skip wrapping it turban style? The condition of my hair changed massively when I stopped doing this. I found it caused my fine hair to really tangle. I just blot it with a towel now and leave it to dry naturally.
Instead of brushing your hair when wet, I'd also say use a very wide toothed comb instead. smile

ClaretAndBlue30 Mon 09-May-16 13:28:54

I have hair very similar to yours and lived a similar hair tangled nightmare too until someone recommended a tangle teaser brush - I cannot tell you how much easier it is to comb my hair now and much less painful!

cheapandcheerful Mon 09-May-16 13:35:46

She already uses a tangle teaser! #

My 3yo dd's hair is exactly like this too and I was kind of hoping she might grow out of it...

ClaretAndBlue30 Mon 09-May-16 13:38:33

Oh whoops sorry - I read the op twice as well! Trying to do ten things at once as normal.

HighDataUsage Mon 09-May-16 13:47:10

Have you tried washing every other day to see if it improves the condition of your hair. Your fine hair might be overloaded from all the products that you are using.

Chlobee87 Mon 09-May-16 13:52:37

I have this problem! I towel dry (blot, DO NOT rub) then use a fairly generous amount of John Freida serum (3 pumps worth on my shoulder length hair) and just run it through with my fingers. Concentrate on lengths and ends. Then I brush it through (I would not be able to get a brush through it without the serum first, it is just too knotty) and blow dry on a fairly cool setting. Used to always use the hot setting for quickness but realised this was making the frizz and dryness worse, and therefore making it more knotty.

Good luck!!

MaybeLater4 Mon 09-May-16 13:54:43

Brush it when it's dry before you wash it?

learnermummy Mon 09-May-16 14:25:24

Comb it through in the shower when you have conditioner on maybe?

feelingmiffed Mon 09-May-16 16:15:53

Place marking as I have exactly the same problem!

member Mon 09-May-16 16:31:35

I think the main part of the problem is the squirting the leave in conditioner on then leaving it wrapped in a turban before attempting to de-knot.

If you've ever used leave in conditioner to detangle dry hair/ease a nit comb through hair, you'll be aware of it actually creating a sticky residue. I'd wide tooth comb it from the ends while still wet and only put the leave in conditioner in after it's been combed.

hydrangea78 Mon 09-May-16 19:47:40

Thanks everyone, will report back after trying a few suggestions!

ontherightpath Mon 09-May-16 19:48:59

I use moroccan oil light to make combing through easier on towel dry hair. My hair is very fine and below shoulder length. I find the normal moroccan oil is too heavy for fine hair, the light one detangles without heaviness.

EatShitDerek Mon 09-May-16 19:49:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 09-May-16 19:56:26

Some hair types have a tendency to tangle easily, there is a name for it which I can't remember.
My tips would be..
Use shampoo for fine hair, don't rub in too vigorously,
Comb conditioner through while wet and rinse until every residue removed,
Blast with cold water to seal cuticle,
Ditch the leave in conditioner, try a lightweight oil on the ends if dry,
Don't rub with a towel to dry,
Try to avoid products which cause stickiness (hairspray, mousse etc)
Dont leave to dry in a turban, try blotting with an old cotton t shirt.

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