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How do I stop my fake tan doing this...

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mayaknew Mon 09-May-16 10:36:33

I use mousse I don't like lotion. And I exfoliate and moisturise. confused

Jmangel Mon 09-May-16 13:26:26

Mine sometimes does this - moisturise every day after you've applied and every 2nd day use a shower pouffe to gently exfoliate - you don't want to scrub it off but just lightly buff. Then try not to reapply until at least 5 days later - mine goes like this if I try to put a second coat on too soon. When it is time to reapply, I have a really hot bath soak to get as much of the first layer off, good exfoliate and then 2nd layer on. And on it goes - it's exhausting! I've found using the darkest formulation is better as can get away with not having to reapply so frequently. The worst ones for me are the daily gradual tanners - end up looking like I'm shedding lol.

mayaknew Mon 09-May-16 15:03:14

Ah ok thanks that's helpful smile tanning is such a pain in the arse but I wouldn't be without it 😂

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